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Visitor Guest Book of Spencer Squire

By Suzanne Maloney

Plano TX
football teammate
2007-08-22 23:03:38 by Suzanne Maloney 

My son, Quinn, was a teammate of Spencer's last year on the Chargers flag football team. What fun it was cheering them on with you. My heart just dropped when I heard the news and I couldn't be more sorry for your loss. May God bless you in your time of need.

By Britt Cunningham

Boston, MA
2007-08-22 16:30:02 by Britt Cunningham 


I am writing this on behalf of my step-daughter, Brittany. She was so sorry to hear about Spencer. She did not know Spencer very well, but she did hear stories from myself, her step-mom, and her dad about Spencer's latest escapades and adventures. She also was so appreciative and thankful for the Xmas presents that she got from Spencer......

Once again, she, as well as her immediate family, sent their condolences to myself and Tom via phone messages and a card. I just wanted to relay - via this website - that she is so sorry and is very upset to hear this devastating and sad news.

Her thoughts and prayers are with the Squire family at this time.

Auntie Dee on behalf of Britt.

By Karen Wilson-Torres

Highland Village Texas
College Friend -Anna
2007-08-21 14:43:03 by Karen Wilson-Torres 

Words can not express our deepest sadness for you and your family. When i heard the news my heart stopped - its a feeling that only a parent can feel. He was a child so full of life and love you can see from the many many wonderful photo's - i am just sad that I never had the chance to meet him in person. He has definalty made a mark in many hearts so dear to your family that you have to feel good knowing that he will NEVER be forgotten but only thought about daily - that smile and those eyes will light up many to come for sure.

We will hold you all close to our hearts and keep you in our prayers during this time - just know that he is looking down now and smiling know you all gave him the best life anyone can ever have - full of love , laughter and of course the AGGIE SPIRIT - GIG EM!!!

We love you lots
Karen, John, Brock and Averie

By The Bennetts

Allen, TX
Boon Elem & A&M
2007-08-21 13:50:16 by The Bennetts 

Dear Squire Family,
Our daughter Natalie was in Kindergarten at Boon this past year and knew Spencer. It is obvious that Spencer was a special boy and was full of life. There are no words that can ease your sorrow. Just know that our hearts and prayers for strength and comfort go out to you and your family.
Jeff, Christine, Clayton, Natalie & Brooke

By Jon and Linda

2007-08-21 10:02:31 by Jon and Linda 

Dear Anna and Patrick:
The Squires in Kentucky continue to pray for the Squire and Kirksey families in Texas.....
We wanted to share with you that on Sunday we attended Mass for Spencer at the Cathedral of the Assumption. The special prayer intentions for this Mass were for Spencer. After the gifts of Bread and Wine were brought to the altar, Father Bill (he had also presided at Alexandra's First Communion) prayed for those who have gone before us, especially for Spencer Squire. To hear the name of our dear little boy reach the rafters of the Cathedral brought us such peace and comfort. We wish that same peace and comfort be yours with each passing day.
We have chosen a star for Spencer among the hundreds of stars in the ceiling of the Cathedral. Each time we are there, we will look up at that star and think about our angel who has gone before us. Surely Spencer will lead the way.
With much love until we see each other again,
Jon, Linda, Johnny, Victoria and Alexandra

By Sue Ryba

Chicago, Il
Anna's friend
2007-08-20 23:07:21 by Sue Ryba 

Anna, My heart breaks for you and your family. In the short time I knew you in Allen, I was touched by your kindness and had wished you much happiness. I know you will find peace in time. God bless you.

By Derren Offutt

Little Elm, TX
Past job colleague
2007-08-20 22:32:14 by Derren Offutt 

Hello Pat - Vic called and told me about Spencer tonight. I want to convey to you and your family my deep and heart felt condolences for your loss. Your are all in my prayers.

By Sierra

Lewisville, Tx
2007-08-20 22:18:39 by Sierra 

I'm so sorry for your loss. He was such a beautiful young boy. It's strange.... I got on looking for my friend's obituary and instead stumbled upon Spencer's. It broke my heart. It reduced me to tears. How could such a young, healthy looking boy go? I'm so sorry. I know they say that time heals all, but you have to have the will to keep going. Spencer would have wanted you too. And just remember that one day, you will be reunited with Spencer. There is always hope. You will see him again.
My heart goes out to all of you.

By Jeff Leroux

2007-08-20 22:16:19 by Jeff Leroux 

Pat & Anna,

Jessica and I were shaken by the news. We are so sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you and your family.

By Dena, Alan and Spencer

2007-08-20 00:29:14 by Dena, Alan and Spencer 

I never read the newspaper thrown in our yard but yesterday, I read it and saw the name Spencer as it is the name of our son. As I read further, to my husband, we wondered what could've happened to such a young and active child, so here I am.
Our hearts go out to you as you try to make sense of your loss. I cannot fathom the grief you feel. I am comforted to see the vacation bible school photos, knowing Spencer and you had hearts for the Lord. Even so, it may be hard to find comfort and answers to the question as why He would allow this.
What a beautiful boy and family.
One other message says that he was able to enjoy so much and yes, he did!
You will have no regrets.
Again, we are so sorry. The day will come again when you will all be together in glory.
Our prayers go out to you and his brother.

By Maura Squire

Boston, MA
2007-08-19 18:45:47 by Maura Squire 

To Anna, Pat and Ryan,

Words cannot express how sorry I am for your great loss. What I will say is that after he passed away, and your families and whole communities united together to celebrate his life, it was one of the most inspirational messages of hope that I have ever encountered in my life. Spencer brought so much joy to so many people. Although I was away in the military for a half of Spencer's life, pictures of his beautiful face on my desk that you sent me while I was overseas and stories that I heard about him brought a smile to my face everyday. Even after I came home and got a civilian job, not a day would go by that I wouldn't stop whatever I was doing to take a look at pictures of Spencer and Ryan that I always keep with me. I still do this. There are still reminders that I have of Spencer everyday when I walk past the Boston Public Garden and look at the Swan Boats, and when I look up at the room at the Four Seasons where Spencer was playing soccer, as well as the Maggiore's Italian restaurant where Spencer was happily eating fried squid, thinking it was french fries. I think that Spencer will always bring happiness to people's lives, I know that he still does to mine.

By Maureen (Reilly) Connolly

Weymouth, MA
2007-08-19 08:14:07 by Maureen (Reilly) Connolly 


I was so saddened to hear of your family's loss.

In looking at the pictures and memories you have shared, it is easy to see the joy that Spencer brought to all those in his life. May your memories of him keep him close to you always.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.


By Samantha (Goss) O'Connor

Lockhart, TX

2007-08-18 09:55:54 by Samantha (Goss) O'Connor 

I did not have the pleasure of meeting Spencer but after reading all the things he did and experienced in his short life, I know that he was a very special and very loved little boy. I knew Spencer's mom in high school and wanted to let Anna know that she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

By Hannah Piper

Mrs.Dailey's student
2007-08-17 18:47:11 by Hannah Piper 

Dear Squire Family,
I have never met any of you, but I am one of Mrs. Dailey's past students. I cheer at Navasota High School and I remember when Mrs. Dailey would bring Spencer down to the field during football games. He always made all of us cheerleaders smile. I am sorry to hear of his loss and although I know I can't do much I will continue to pray for the healing and strength of you all.
Much Love,

By James and Sarah Stanley

New Braunfels, Texas
Fried from School
2007-08-17 17:02:37 by James and Sarah Stanley 

What a wonderful tribute to your son. We are truly sorry for your loss.

You are in our prayers.

James and Sarah Stanley

By Paula (Bleakley) Dilzell

Fruita, CO (formerly Weymouth, MA
Old friend
2007-08-17 13:52:33 by Paula (Bleakley) Dilzell 

Dear Pat,
I was so saddened to hear about your loss. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos of Spencer & your family. May the pain that you feel be replaced with all the wonderful memories you have of your beautiful son. Lean on your friends and family to help you through. My thoughts are with you.
Fondly, Paula (Bleakley) Dilzell

By Stephen + Julienne Colon

Dallas, TX
2007-08-17 11:12:29 by Stephen + Julienne Colon 

Hey Spencer, We just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with us while you were here.. We'll never forget your endless energy and absolute passion you had for sports and life.. I wish that I would have been able to say some encouraging words to your parents in person, but Julienne and I both want you and your Mom and Dad to know that we loved you and you are always going to hold a special place in our hearts and minds... To Pat and Anna, we can't put into words our feelings for how much we care and love your family, and prayers are being said for you, especially during this time.. You and your family have always been there for the Colon's, and now more than ever we want to be here for you and your family... Thank you both for sharing your incredible sons and love with Julienne and I, and we will try to live our lives remembering the special times and joy that Spencer was able to bring to us... We love you and God Bless...

By The Hickmans

Sachse, TX
friend of a friend
2007-08-17 10:11:26 by The Hickmans 

Squire Family-

We are friends of one of your friends (Paul Dorsey)...and when we heard the news of Spencer it broke all of our hearts. We just want you guys to know your in our prayers & thoughts and may you keep the faith while you're going through this time of grief. (words just don't come out right during these times).

By Daniel Eggert II '02

Houston, Tx
2007-08-17 09:12:31 by Daniel Eggert II '02 


I do not know you, nor did I know young Spencer. I only learned of his passing through TexAgs.com. I can only admire your son and your family, assuring you that y'all are in our prayers.

Godspeed and Gig 'Em, Spencer!

By Tommy Grace

Braintree MA
Old friend
2007-08-16 21:09:41 by Tommy Grace 

It has been a while scince we spoke. Jim Otoole called and told me the news of your Sons passing. I know there is nothing I can say to ease your sorrow so I will not try. I am thinking and praying for your family to find peace ond healing. If there is anything I can do please ask.

By Lauri Hoffman


2007-08-16 16:54:53 by Lauri Hoffman 

Dear Patrick, Anna, and Ryan,

I was very sad to hear of your great loss. Spencer was a special boy, full of life and energy. I always remember how he wanted to bring me a frosty or milkshake when he came to visit. He was a loving boy filled with a generous spirit, and he always had a smile on his face. I also remember the A&M symbols he liked to draw. I am going to miss him. I pray God's gentle and loving Spirit surrounds and comforts you. May He bring healing to your hearts.

Lauri Hoffman

By Rachel and Sean Graham

Allen, TX
Fellow Resident
2007-08-16 10:36:41 by Rachel and Sean Graham 

I am so sorry for this terrible loss. What a precious angel. My son (attends Norton) is the same age as Spencer and played soccer against the "Sharks" as a "Rhino." We want to let you know that we are praying for your family. I know Spencer is shining down with his angel wings.......

By Pamela Mercadante

Plainville Massachussettes
2007-08-16 10:33:29 by Pamela Mercadante 

To: Patrick and Anna, From: Dave, Pam, Michael and Matthew Mercadante. Most importantly we would like to express our heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your beautiful son Spencer. Nothing in life is more precious to us than our children and to lose a child--no words can really heal that pain. Know in your hearts that your little boy will never really leave your side. He is with you always through your journey in life. The lord will keep him safe until you see him again when it is time. Be absolutely sure that in everyway that he has touched your lives up to this day that he will continue doing so in many mysterious and unforseen ways. You have never met me, I am Dave,s wife Pam. He told me what wonderful people the two of you are. When he visited for the Dallas Cowboys game with Chris he was fortunate enough to spend time with you and your children. He couldn't say enough about how hospitable you were to him while he stayed. I want your to know about me because I want to share with you a little bit about myself. I lost a brother when I was 15 years old. He was killed in a car accident at the age of 18. This loss was devastating to our entire family, but most of the devastation was felt by my parents. I was just a kid myself but I remember the way my parents faught to get through this time for the bennefit of their other 3 children. They held on to the rest of us and continued to go on with their lives the best way that they could. Anna, If I could share some advice with you and your husband from my personal experience, it would be to never forget the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and his mending ways. Your son will absolutely be watching you through out your lives and you will want to continue to teach him as if he were right there by your side each day. There are times when I know that my brother Jerry is by my side because a song that we used to listen to together will start to play on the radio. I definately feel his presence and somehow I know what he is saying to me. It is very powerful. This also happens when our family gets together for what ever the occassion. The song always comes on the radio as soon as everyone has arrived. He is telling us that he is here the party can begin. Never stop sharing stories of Spencer with your loved ones as this helps to keep him alive and present in your lives. We will all be praying for your strength to return to you and for your love for life to continue on. With our love and prayers, The Mercadante Family.

By Melissa Harris

Cape Cod, Massachusetts
2007-08-16 07:06:16 by Melissa Harris 

To my cherished friend, Anna,

Words cannot express what I feel in the utter depths of my heart and soul. Your most beautiful angel has gone before you, and the light of his love will guide your way.

I love you all,

By Amy and Lee Bowers

Allen, TX
Family Friend
2007-08-15 22:28:08 by Amy and Lee Bowers 

Dearest Squire Family -

Lee and I were so saddened to hear of your great loss today. You are in all our thoughts and prayers. I know Spencer will live on forever in the hearts of all the lives he has touched. What an forgettable smile! May your strong faith continue to guide you through this most difficult journey.


Amy and Lee Bowers

By Dwayne Frei

Temple, Texas
fellow Aggie
2007-08-15 21:46:57 by Dwayne Frei 

Spencer sounded like an amazing child and a great Aggie. My wife, sons (six and four), and I wish to express our deepest sympathies and pray for strength and peace for your family. I am honored to contribute to his school fund. May God bless you all.

By Scott Carr & family

friend of Pat's
2007-08-15 17:54:40 by Scott Carr & family 

Pat and family,

My family and I are so sorry to hear of the loss of your son, Spencer. As a fellow parent, I cannot even begin to conceive what you must be going through.

Godís speed, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Scott Carr and family

By Mari-Margaret Hunter

Evans, Georgia
Family Friend
2007-08-15 15:51:11 by Mari-Margaret Hunter 

Dear K.K., Patrick & Ryan,

Even after getting back to a relativley normal life in Georgia, I still have trouble wrapping my mind around the events of the last 10 days. To me, It is just still so surreal and wrong. But, what I have learned from precious Spencer's all too short life is a lesson I intend to apply in my everyday life. To try and live life to the fullest and to remember how precious our time in this life is. I think Spencer knew that from day one. He certainly lived his life that way. I was so touched to hear so many wonderful memories re-lived by some that knew him best at the funeral service. Spencer experienced and achieved so much in his life that it is hard to believe he was just a child. Every parent should be so lucky to have a child like him, and every child should be so lucky to have the family and friends that surrounded him so lovingly till the end.

We will miss you Spencer and you will forever be the Delta group's first grandchild and our little angel in heaven.

Mari-Margaret, Chris, Ally and Maddie



2007-08-15 09:41:49 by  

god bless your family

By Paul Dorsey

Canton, MA.
2007-08-14 22:43:30 by Paul Dorsey 

I just returned from a week long stay in Texas. A week
unmatched in my lifetime by the strongest showing of
faith that I have ever been witness to. It starts of course with Pat and Anna, their parents and their family's on down through their many friends as well as neighbors.
Many of us are told that you can tell a lot about a person
by whom he or she surrounds themselves with. Well, Pat and Anna, you guys wrote the book!
My time with Spencer, like his life was brief, yet quality.
Sure, there was the Make Way for Duckling's book that
I gave to him as a newborn. Anna, I am so glad that you were able to experience the Swan Boats with Spencer
up in Boston's Public Garden. That meant a lot to me.
And, then there was the Coco Crisp Red Sox jersey on yet another Boston trip. Spencer must have thanked me a million times, all unprovoked and each one sincere.
But, there is undoubtedly one moment I had with the Squire family on a trip to Dallas I made this past February that I would like to share. One morning we all set off to the Plano Rec.Center for one of Spencer's
basketball games. As we were enroute, I gave Spencer a little pep-talk, asking him that if he were to score a
basket, to give me the "thumbs up" sign. The ball was no sooner tipped when Spencer took a few dribbles upcourt and unleashed about a 15 footer. As the ball swished through the net, Spencer had already started to turn to find me so as to give me the "thumbs up" sign. I
will never forget his beautiful smile as he did all this. It
was as if he patented the "thumbs up" sign all by himself, the way he did it.
It doesn't end there though, as Anna and I cheered from
the stands I caught his Dad's eye, the scorekeeper at
mid-court. He gave me, (as only he can) his own head nod and eyebrow raise as if to say ya that's my son, get
used to it Dorse it's a long game.
Pat, as you and Anna were there for me in my time of need, not so long ago. I want you both to know that I am here in yours. Although we all wish Spencer's game was still continuing, I know and truly believe he is in a better place.
As little Ryan summed up the week so beautifully, you're
gonna make it! Pat and Anna, you have us all, but more importantly you have eachother. And even more import- ant than that, you have your faith. May God bless
you during this difficult time.

Paul Dorsey Jr.

By Don and Diana Antoniello

Arlington, Texas

2007-08-14 21:36:21 by Don and Diana Antoniello 

Our daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren (the Goedderz family) live on Comal Drive. We are heartbroken for all of you and are praying for your family during this time of grief.

By Donna Goode

Worked with Pat
2007-08-14 20:48:37 by Donna Goode 

Dear Pat and Anna,

I am so sorry to hear this sad news abourt your beautiful son. May you be blessed with strength and wisdom to bear this tremendous loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Donna Goode

By Stacey Thoele

Dallas, TX
former colleague
2007-08-14 20:13:28 by Stacey Thoele 

Dear Patrick and family,

My heart broke when I read about your son in the Dallas Morning News. I told my husband that it had to be your son. I am sure that Spencer shared your zest for life, sports and the Aggies and was a very special little boy. My deepest heartfelt sympathy for you and your family, such a horrible tragedy. You, Anna and Ryan will be in my prayers and thoughts always.

Stacey Thoele
former colleague and friend

By Uncle Chris

2007-08-14 16:20:21 by Uncle Chris 

Dear Pat, Anna and Ryan,
This past week has been almost unbearable for me but because of your example of courage and faith, I will always be able to draw upon your strength when things in my life are difficult. I have been thinking about how the reciprocal love of our families and your friends, your faith in God, Texas and Texas A&M has provided for you and all of us a conduit for the grief of losing such a fine son, nephew and friend; a conduit that for me has led to some comfort in knowing that Spence is all right now. As Spencerís uncle I had hoped to do a lot of boating & camping in New England, as well as going to many more Red Sox, Patriot and Aggie games with him but like everyone else we always thought we would have the time. We will definitely do those things with you and Ryan whenever we can. I love you all and you are in my thoughts everyday--as always.
Uncle Chris

By Brittani Yoo & Davis

2007-08-14 16:13:26 by Brittani Yoo & Davis 

We won't forget the swim lessons our boys shared at Elmer for few sessions. May God give you strength, wisdom, and courage during this time. You are in our prayers.

By David @Pam Mercadante

Plainville Mass.
2007-08-14 15:18:42 by David @Pam Mercadante 

Patrick@Anna my family and I are so saddened to hear of the loss of your son. When I came to Texas and you opened your home to me I was lucky enough to have met Spencer he was so full of life and your home full of love. He will always be with you.

By Sherry (Schroeder) Hyland

Portland, Texas
Lockhart Friend
2007-08-14 14:49:47 by Sherry (Schroeder) Hyland 

Kirksey and Squire Families,
It is so hard to find the right words when such a tragedy occurs. My heart is broken for you. When we lost our baby 14 months ago, I will never forget what a dear friend said to me: "Jesus' arms are around you and so are mine." I want to say that to you now. That simple statement has truly comforted me many times since then, and I hope that it also comforts you in the days, weeks, and years ahead. Please know that we are praying for you to find the strength to live fully again--the way your little Spencer so obviously did.
Very sincerely,
The Hyland"s-- John, Sherry, William, and Daniel

By Mary Ann Masey

Friend of the family
2007-08-14 14:30:02 by Mary Ann Masey 

Though our paths didn't manage to cross, I saw you grow (looking more and more like Grandad Pat) into such a charming young boy with each Christmas card.
I think God must be smiling to welcome such a handsome new angel.
So try to wipe your tears and know that he's with our Heavenly Father in some awfully good company

By Don Cowan

Distant Cousins
2007-08-14 14:27:01 by Don Cowan 

I didn't know Spencer, but looking at the Obituary it appears he packed a lot of life into his 6 years. My heart goes out to all of Spencer's family.

My Mother and Spencer's Grandmother are second cousins, so I've heard a lot about the Squire family. Being the Christian family that you are I'm sure you will overcome this devastating tragedy.

My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

By Shirley Burgess

Big Spring, Texas 79720
2007-08-14 13:29:16 by Shirley Burgess 

I am Amy Hargroves Mom. I am just learning about what has happened to Spencer. I met Spencer one time at Christmas,06 and found him to be a precious, energetic little boy and a loving friend of my grandson Zack. Being a kindergarten teacher I could only imagine the fun in Mrs. English's class with those little boys.You are in my heart and prayers.

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