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Visitor Guest Book of Spencer Squire

By Molly Brown

Lockhart, TX
friend Kirksey's
2007-08-14 13:23:24 by Molly Brown 

Anna and family,
Everything that could be said, has been. Beautiful tribute to a wonderful young man. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

By Auntie Deirdre, Uncle Tom

Boston, MA
Loving Aunt & Uncle
2007-08-14 13:07:18 by Auntie Deirdre, Uncle Tom 

Dear Anna, Pat and Ryan,

This has been the most difficult time for Tom and I. Spencer meant the world to us. We were always so excited when you all were coming to Boston for a visit and we could not wait to visit with Spencer and Ryan.

We are so saddened by this devastating loss and I know words cannot accurately convey how heartbroken and sad Tom and I are for this huge void to our family.

Tom's fondest memories of Spencer are playing with him on numerous occassions - at the hotel in Boston, when Spencer yelled out 'hey, Uncle Tom, come sit over here and play playstation with me!' -- or in in the pool at The Balsams where Uncle Tom played with Spencer. Uncle Tom had so much fun with Spence laughing and playing. They both had so much fun together!

My fondest memories with Spencer were many, but imparticular, was on our trip to Carmel and San Francisco. Spencer came in my room some mornings jumping on me from the end of the bed into my arms where I hugged him tight and kissed his precious face each time he jumped. He laughed and laughed and his big blue eyes were filled with joy. Or when I tried to keep up with him in the hotel lobby -- wow, he was so quick!. He wore out his Auntie!.....These are such precious memories for myself and Tom and we will never forget the joy this darling boy brought to our lives.

I realize now that Spencer was put on this earth to make a difference. He had a huge impact on each person he met. He has so many friends and family that love him so much. He lived each day to the fullest with zest, compassion, enthusiasism, care, respect and love. His time on earth was short, too short, but he loved many and was loved by many during this time.

I know Spencer is looking down on us with his angel wings, and I also know that I will think of Spencer every day of my life. He was a remarkable little boy that his auntie and uncle loved very, very much. Love, Auntie D and Uncle T.

By Linda Massey

Irving, TX
Friend of Family
2007-08-14 12:04:45 by Linda Massey 

I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Spencer. The sweet pictures on your Christmas cards made me feel as if I knew him. While we had lost touch over the years, your family is always in my heart.

Hold each other close during this time. The love of your family and friends will sustain you. Know that God shares your pain and tears. He loves you and will stand by you through this time.

By Sandi Neff

Boon Elementary
2007-08-14 11:16:25 by Sandi Neff 

It was an honor to have known your precious son, Spencer. His Boon family will miss him so very much. My thoughts and prays are with your family.

By Fred Willms

Lockhart, TX
Family Friend
2007-08-14 09:01:51 by Fred Willms 

Patrick, Anna, Pat, and Patsy,
Betty and I, along with David, Tommy, Jerry, and Shelley, are very saddened by your loss of such a marvelous child. Having been family friends for many years truly adds to our sorrow. Anna, we have known and loved you from the day you were born, and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult time. We love all of you.
Fred Willms

By Thania (Tate) Villatoro

Boston, MA
Tri Delta Sister
2007-08-14 08:48:13 by Thania (Tate) Villatoro 

Anna & Patrick, You are close in my thoughts and prayers. May you feel the compassion and comfort of Christ in this uncomprehendable event. Spencer's life was a celebration, as evidenced by all the photos posted here. Your words in the obituary reflected this short but full circle. I was touched to hear he was a Boston Red Sox fan, since I am living here now and will thnk of him and your family with a prayer and a smile every time I pass by good 'ole Fenway Park. . . . Love and comfort to you, Thania

By Richard and Susan Park

Crockett, Texas
Wade & Sydney Glover
2007-08-14 06:28:44 by Richard and Susan Park 

Having lost a child, we know the walk through the valley of death and we also know that God walks it with you. You can only do the first things once: the first Christmas, the first Birthday, and then the years begin to pile on. It is like when you are young and fell from your bike, the knee bled and it scarred. With time you see the scar, but it doesn’t openly bleed any more. It is such a sad walk, but please realize that you don’t take one step alone. Be kind to each other and remember that no two people grieve the same way. God loves you.

By The Bishops

Allen, TX
2007-08-13 22:29:28 by The Bishops 

Dear Patrick, Anna and Ryan,

I have intended to write something on this website every day for the last several days but like so many others, I just cannot find the words. How can I provide any small amount of comfort to you at a time like this? There really is no answer- all I can do is let you know that I am here for you -ALL of you and share in the wonderful memories that my family and I hold of Spencer.

For the last several years, Spencer was Ben’s friend and teammate at soccer, baseball and basketball. What a team they made out on the soccer field! Ben has already said he will be making lots of goals for his friend Spencer. I’m smiling now thinking of a recent memory I have picking up the boys from basketball camp- Ben, Zack, Spencer and little Emma all in the backseat going to Sonic for a post workout treat. I can still hear Spencer now with his Dad’s Boston accent saying his favorite slush flavor was “charry”!

Although we have known the family for some time, it wasn’t until our families moved to the same neighborhood that not only did my son’s friendship with Spencer grow but my friendship with Anna blossomed over the many playdates at the park and girl talk in the carpool lane.

As this very long week has unfolded, I have seen a strength in both Anna and Patrick that anyone would be amazed by. In a time when most people including myself keep asking “Why? Why? Why?” both of you have kept your heads held high with tremendous faith in your hearts. Your overwhelming conviction has been a great inspiration to me and my family.

As a mother, I am in awe of your courage Anna. As a friend, I am in awe of your grace, generosity, strength and substance. This is what Spencer saw in his Mother and this is what he keeps with him as he looks down upon you from heaven.

Our hearts are with you Anna, Patrick and Ryan as they are with Spencer. He will always be a part of our family.

All our love,

Michele, Andy, Ben and Emma

By Allison McPhail

Ashland, Kansas

2007-08-13 22:17:10 by Allison McPhail 

Squire Family,
I recieved a prayer request from my Aunt in Texas this week praying for your son Spencer. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. In somewhat of a way I feel your pain. Six years ago I lost my 11month old nephew who was shaken. No words can describe the pain of loosing a child. All anyone can do is let time heal your pain and pray to your baby boy everyday. It helped heal our family to talk about all the memories daily. Keep Spencer so close to your heart and mind. I believe God has a big purpose and plan for Spencer and your family should be so proud. My family and friends will continue to think and pray for your family daily.

May God Hold Your Tissue & Catch Your Tears,

Allison McPhail

By Cathy Burkel


2007-08-13 17:48:08 by Cathy Burkel 

There are no words to describe how you feel now and for the rest of your life. I lost my son in an accident 6 years ago and it seems like yesterday. He is the first thing I think about when I get up and the last thing I think about when I go to bed. God has belssed me through my surrendering my son to his glorious will. I pray you find Gods sweet peace and strength to find your way through this most tremendous loss. Your Spencer sounds like her was an angel on earth. You are blessed to have had him. Stay close to God for he will send you a comforter and you will know it is the holy sprirt.. May you see signs and wonders especially for you. I will pray for your family. Also I think it is a wonderful thing that he donated his organs for that was a great act of love and kindness. I hope in some small way you will feel a part of him still lives within others. I am so sorry for your suffering. God bless you all.

By Jaime Hale

Boston, MA
2007-08-13 17:24:43 by Jaime Hale 

I read about Spencer in the Boston Globe this past Sunday. Prayers from all the New England area Aggies

By Kelly Oltmann

Frisco, TX
2007-08-13 17:18:26 by Kelly Oltmann 

Dearest Squire Family,
Our deepest sympathy to you all at this time of almost unbearable grief. Please know that you are being wrapped in our prayers. Spencer was filled with God's Holy light every minute of his precious life. Everytime he walked into the room, the whole place seemed to come alive with his spirit. His zest for life and gentle soul will live on through all of those people he touched in his short life. He will be greatly missed. God bless you.

The Oltmann family
Kelly, Steve, Macy and Abby

By Rosalie & Steve Stephens

2007-08-13 16:35:31 by Rosalie & Steve Stephens 

We are deeply saddened to hear of your loss. May the joy and light of sweet Spencer's memory be a comfort to you during this time of grief. We are keeping your family in our hearts and prayers. God bless you.

By Victoria Squire

Lousiville, Kentucky
2007-08-13 16:16:44 by Victoria Squire 

dear uncle patrick and auntie anna,
I am so sorry for your loss. Spencer was full of life, loved others, and was one of the best cousins I have ever had. While Spencer was with us he was so caring and loving and i know he lived his life with pure happiness. Spencer is in a very good place right now and I know we will all see him in heaven. I know the family is very strong. Hopefully see you all and cousin Ryan soon.

Victoria Squire

By Kassie Paul

2007-08-13 15:08:46 by Kassie Paul 

I was sadden to read about your loss of Sweet Spencer. Our family will PRAY HARD for you during this difficult time. It was always a pleasure to see Anna dropping off Spencer at CDC, he was always so excited to get on with his day, and even more happy to see his mom at the end of the day to tell her all about it! I will always remember him with a smile!

By Sherry Campbell

2007-08-13 14:34:26 by Sherry Campbell 

I loved seeing you every T/Th, wearing your most recent sport t-shirt. I can't remember a recess time when you were not kicking our soccer ball or playing BB with your buddies. You always had room for one more on your team! What a team player! You are on God's team now--cheering us on. I will miss you! Thank you Anna, for bringing Spencer by my room last year when you came to pick up Ryan--his visits always made my day! All my love and prayers.


By John and Mary Squire

Weymouth, Massachussetts
2007-08-13 14:05:07 by John and Mary Squire 

To our dearest little boy, we wrote this poem especially for you and know you will be our guiding star:

His life was like a shooting star,
A brilliant gleam
So swift, then gone
Leaving us in darkness

His heart was like a shining sun
A glowing warmth
So steady, so strong
Wrapping us in love

His memory will be a healing balm
An outstretched hand
We'll hold so tight
Leading us to peace.

By The Rountrees



2007-08-13 13:31:46 by The Rountrees 

We are praying for you all.

Tim and Rachel Rountree (Elizabeth Warmath's nephew)

By Ellen (Proctor) Lux

Allen, TX

2007-08-13 13:28:09 by Ellen (Proctor) Lux 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time. The hardest thing that can happen to a parent is loosing a child. Although we never had a chance to meet Spencer and I've lost touch with you since High School, there is no doubt what a wonderfully blessed child Spencer must have been with you as his mom! Please know that we are to help in anyway.

By Jim O'Toole

2007-08-13 12:28:59 by Jim O'Toole 

Dear Pat & Anna,
We are saddened to hear of your loss. Our deepest sympathy and prayers for peace & comfort are sent to you both and Ryan.
Tracy & I have read everything about Spencer's life, hobbies & passions and have truly seen the love and inspiration Spencer brought to everyone who knew him.
The pictures and information about Spencer really tells a true story of your lives,faith and hope. We truly wish we could be closer to extend our condolences. When the timing is right, please call so we may have the opportunity to talk.
Love & Heartfelt prayers,
The O'Toole Family
Jim,Tracy,James & Erin

By Jeff & Melanie Wynne

Dallas, TX
2007-08-13 10:28:36 by Jeff & Melanie Wynne 

Dear Anna, Pat and Ryan,

For my wife Melanie, daughter Alex son Cameron and myself our hearts and prayers are with you. Saturday's Celebration of Spencer's life was very moving and emotional for me. Your son's smile is contagious and the love he brought to you and all of his friends and family was quite evident. I am truly moved by your strength and passion for family and know that Spencer is with you forever. Ryan is a blessed child to have parents like you and a loving family to help him grow up and be strong. Anna your fathers moment in the Childrens Garden was beautiful. He is such a proud grandfather with such wonderful memories of Spencer. You are a wonderful family and we truly wish you comfort in the comings days and forever.

All our Love, Melanie, Jeff, Alex and Cameron Wynne

By John T. Edge

College pal
2007-08-13 09:41:09 by John T. Edge 

Chief, Anna & Ryan

The overwhelming display of love and affection for Spencer and your family is moving beyond words. For those of us who never knew Spencer it gives us a glimpse into a life of joy, passion and fun...the way we should all live our lives and the way Spencer should be remembered. I love you guys Chief.

John, Felicia, Tomas & Lucky Edge

By Gregg Wynne

Louisville, KY
2007-08-13 08:21:37 by Gregg Wynne 

Anna, Pat, & Ryan:

Words can't express anything near what you are going through. We want you to know that our hearts go out to you and if there is anything we can do for you please don't hesitate to let us know.

Our Deepest Sympathy To You,

The Kentucky Wynne Family -
Gregg, Monette, Ranger, Gisele, & Marlee Wynne

By Brenda Scholl

Mom Deborah Licare
2007-08-13 07:23:49 by Brenda Scholl 

My prayers are with your and your family. Know he is in God's loving arms.

By Sturgeon Family

Allen, Tx
2007-08-12 22:49:12 by Sturgeon Family 

Anna, Pat, & Ryan -

We are heartbroken about Spencer. Please know that you are in our thoughts and our prayers. I can tell you that Jenna loved Spencer. I remember the day she came home from kindergarten and told me she saw Spencer on the play ground. At first I thought she must have been confused because I didn’t yet know you had moved, but of course (as always) she was right, and so happy to have a friend from CDC with her at Boon even if they weren’t in the same class. She always had so much fun with Spencer at CDC. Whenever I was at Boon and would see Spencer, he always greeted me with his big blue eyes and his bright smile. He was an angel. Jenna will miss him as will all of his little friends. When I told her about Spencer, I told her no one knew it was going to happen and she smiled and said “God knew it was going to happen”. There is some peace in that thought. I also want you to know that Spencer is the new hero of my (almost 5 year old) son, Ethan. Ethan only knew Spencer through Jenna, but he does remember Spencer both from CDC and Boon. After the CUMC service, he wanted to hang Spencer’s name tribute and medal on the wall in his room next to his other sports stuff. Spencer will continue to remind us all to love life, to live lovingly, and to never to forget the importance of family. I am so sorry it is your painful loss that has reminded so many of us of this important life lesson.

Much love and sympathy -
Stacy, Jenna & Ethan Sturgeon

By Coach G Guerrieri

College Station, Tx
Aggie Soccer Coach
2007-08-12 21:51:45 by Coach G Guerrieri 

We are all stunned and deeply saddened at Spensor's passing. I am proud to have been around him and to have had the opportunity to have him as part of our A&M soccer fmaily as a camper. Thank you for posting the photo of me and Spenser. I am proud to have known him.

God bless all the Squire family and thank you for bringing Spenser into our lives.

Rest in Peace and Gig 'em,
~Coach G

By Janet Girardi (Cunningham

Somerville MA
2007-08-12 20:05:07 by Janet Girardi (Cunningham 

Dear Squire Family,

We are so sorry for your tragic loss. My brother Tom Cunningham and Dee spoke of your children often, and were very loved. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless.

By Merritt and Ed Dobecka

Keller, Texas
2007-08-12 19:54:08 by Merritt and Ed Dobecka 

Anna, Patrick and Ryan,
I write this to you with such sadness but mostly because Ed and I have not been here to support you. We returned to the States today and while we were not here physically, you and your family have been in our thoughts and prayers daily. We love you all so much and while we are so saddened, we are also so greatful for having had the chance to know such an amazing young man. What joy he has brought to others and how much he has given. I purchased an Aggie ABC book today and am donating it in Spencer's name to my school library so that his love of Aggieland and the Aggie Spirit can be shared with the children at my school as well. Just think, each day, he will be able to be a part of so many children's lives! Please know we love you all and are here for you.

By Resa Weaver

Plano, tx
Team mate
2007-08-12 18:51:12 by Resa Weaver 

Our family is so sorry for your loss. Mason was new to the Astros this year, but I know how much he enjoyed playing with Spencer. He was a star on and off the field.

Our Deepest Sympathy,
Todd, Resa, Mason and Mitchell Weaver

By Amy E. Owen

San Antonio, TX

2007-08-12 16:55:43 by Amy E. Owen 

May God hold you and keep you during this difficult time.

By Flynn Family

Westwood, MA
2007-08-12 16:32:29 by Flynn Family 

Patrick, Anna, Ryan, Writing from home today wishing I could have stayed with you longer during this difficult time. Carol, Caleigh, Riley, Kelsey and I love you and will continue to have you in our hearts and prayers. The outpouring of support is evidence of the affect Spencer had on everyone he came in contact with as well as a testament to the way people feel about you. It is unbelievable how many lives have been touched. 'Big Pat' Kirksey said it best: "I've never seen two people have such a positive / lasting affect on the people they meet." I look forward to seeing all of you more often. Mike Flynn

By Mike Middleton

colleague of Pat's
2007-08-12 16:13:58 by Mike Middleton 

Pat & Anna,
I am stunned and deeply sadened. We have lost a great Aggie and I will think of you guys each game day!

By Buddy and Shirley DuBoise

Lockhart, TX
2007-08-12 15:32:37 by Buddy and Shirley DuBoise 

"K-K", Patrick, Ryan, Pat, Patsy, Margo, Chris, Sophia, & all of Patrick's family: Our hearts hurt for all of you. We know that nothing we say can ease your pain. So, we will do the only thing that can possibly help...we will continue praying for your family. We could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit at Spencer's memorial service. May God continue to grant you peace, comfort, and strength, as you face the days ahead. Our love and prayers are with you.

By Lou & Sonny Presnal

Bryan, TX
Pat & Patsy's friend
2007-08-12 12:57:37 by Lou & Sonny Presnal 

To Pat & Patsy and all of your lovely family,
Our hearts are heavy wirh your loss of such a dear little boy, which we know Spencer was.
We cannot even imagine the hurt the entire family is feeling now, but know that God's love will help see you through.
Spencer's memory will forever be in your hearts.
His story touched many Aggies on TexAgs.com.
May God comfort you all.
Lou & Sonny

By Linda Squire

Louisville, Kentucky
2007-08-12 11:20:46 by Linda Squire 

Dear Anna and Patrick,
As I am writing this, all of the Squires, the Kirkseys, many relatives and friends are gathering for Spencer's,
final service. Spencer's cousins, Jonathan, Victoria, Alexandra, and I are there with you in spirit and in love. Since I cannot be there, I have put my thoughts to words and have written my own tribute to Spencer. I pray that it may bring you, and perhaps others too, some small comfort.

The question is timeless. It is asked by both the young and the old alike. "What is my purpose here on the earth?" At sometime in our lives each on of us has questioned the reason for his own existence.

Reflecting on the life of Spencer Patton Squire, I think I know a little bit of why Spencer came to be among us. Spencer came to teach us how to love.

In his living and in his passing we have learned better the lessons of love. In his irresistible smile and in his boundless energy, we have seen a complete and utter zest for life. In his passing we have witnessed the power of love, the power to draw us closer, the power to give us strength. Thank you, dearest little Spencer, for sharing with us your gift of love.

By June and Eddie Vogel

Lockhart, Texas
2007-08-12 11:18:22 by June and Eddie Vogel 

Dear Patrick, Anna Kathryn, Ryan, Pat, Patsy, Chris, Margo, and Sophia
This web site is such a wonderful tribute of love for Spencer. With all the pictures and letters it is evident the number of lives this precious boy touched. The hardest thing a parent can do is bury a child. Their age doesn't matter - young or old. The pain and grief from the loss is the same and sometimes unbearable. That is when your faith in God is so very important. HE WILL GIVE YOU STRENGTH AND COMFORT in the days ahead. Believe us when we say we know what you are going through and we are here whenever you need us. Our prayers and thoughts are with each one of you.
Love and Peace in Christ's Name
June and Eddie

By Susan Roan

Boston MA
Boston Globe obits
2007-08-12 10:11:47 by Susan Roan 

Please know the Boston Globe personnel who worked with Spenser's notice were touched and saddened by his story and fell in love with his picture.

Our deepest sympathy. His spirit shone through in his picture.
Susan Roan

By Maria and David Colon

Alexandria, VA
Family Friends
2007-08-12 10:10:49 by Maria and David Colon 

Pat, Anna and Ryan,
Although we were only with Spencer for a few hours our memories of his bright smile and enthusiasm will be with us forever. Spencer has touched the lives of many and left with us inspiration, rich memories and joyful thoughts. Maria Pilar and I hope that your family will find strength and peace in your own relationship with Spencer. Those thoughts are like precious jewels you will carry from now to eternity.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We offer our deepest sympathy.

With love and prayers,

Maria Pilar and David Colon

By Shirlee Schupbach

Plano, Texas
2007-08-12 10:08:29 by Shirlee Schupbach 

We have never met, but I am Shannon Schupbach's grandmother.

As I write this, I am overcome with tears. I am very sorry about the loss of your precious son. It's easy to say "I understand how you feel", but I really do. You see, I lost my son, Cris, in 1993. I had 35 years to love him. I still miss him, but I am so glad I had that much time with him. Spencer will always be in your heart and you will have your wonderful memories.

There aren't any words that will make it better right now. You must take the time to grieve. Eventually, it won't hurt quite as much.

Know that your family will be in the thoughts and prayers of many people.

By Cynthia Jokinen

Greene Me.
2007-08-12 10:03:37 by Cynthia Jokinen 

I am sorry you all lost Spencer. I am a college student who is styuding to work with chidren from 6 weeks to 7. Children are very precious and oh! so special. I hve three chidren who are all grown up,. Spencer, rest in Peace and I am glad your pain is no longer Cindy J

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