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Visitor Guest Book of Spencer Squire

By Alexandra Squire

Louisville, Kentucky
2007-08-12 07:44:17 by Alexandra Squire 

Dear Auntie Anna and Uncle Patrick,
Whenever I was around my cousin, Spencer, either in Boston during the summer, Lockhart for Thanksgiving, Plano for Ryan's baptism, The Balsam's in New Hampshire, Louisville for my First Communion, or chatting on the phone (Sometimes he could talk forever !), he always brightened my day and made me smile.

I am going to miss watching him grow up and my first Aggie game with him but I know he will be with us all in spirit.

As I am writing this now you are getting ready for the service in Lockhart and I wish I could be there to pay tribute to my cousin. I couldn't have asked for a better, loving cousin.


By Linda Squire

Louisville , Kentucky
2007-08-12 07:32:09 by Linda Squire 

Dearest Anna and Patrick,
Our grief is overwhelming and our family is heartbroken. Spencer, our shining star, may be absent from our sight, but our everlasting love for him remains forever in our hearts.
My deepest sympathy, my deepest love,

By Diane (Vitello) Crisileo

Weymouth, MA
High School Friend
2007-08-12 03:02:41 by Diane (Vitello) Crisileo 

I have thought of you often through the years since high school wondering how and where you were. I see that you married a beautiful woman and have two incredibly wonderful children.

I have two children as well, Peter and Lauren, and when I heard about Spencer all I could do was hug them a little tighter and reflect on how precious life truly is.

It is obvious from all of the beautiful photos that Spencer is an incredible child with his Dad's spirit. You always had a way of making me smile in high school and I see Spencer has that same quality.

May God Bless you and your family in the days and years to come. May you find comfort in your memories of Spencer and know that his organ donation is such a wonderful gift that will always keep giving.

With heartfelt sincerity,
Diane Vitello

By Dave Handal

2007-08-12 01:07:15 by Dave Handal 

Pat, Anna, and Ryan,

I don't even know where to begin. I wish that I had the right words to comfort you in this horrible time.

Spence came into my life about 4 years ago, when Kasen (my 6 year old son) came home from the first day of pre-school and wouldn't stop talking about his new friend that he just met at school. After about a few weeks of non-stop talk about Spencer by Kasen, I told Kasen that I had to meet this kid that he held in such high regard. So, I picked Kasen up from Custer Road Church one day, where Kasen and Spencer were in Pre-School together, and I went inside inside to finally meet Spencer. And as you can imagine when I walked into Kasen and Spencer's classroom they were giving their teacher all she could handle (I know that surprises you). I just remember thinking to myself, that this probably won't be the last time that these two will be getting in trouble together. And, ofcourse it wasn't.

I just knew that we would be watching Kasen and Spence grow up and grow old together. Unfortunately that was not the case, but during Spence's short time with us, our families have shared so many special moments. The teams that Kasen and Spence played on together are already countless, but the memories that they have shared are priceless. We just could not wait for Kasen to finally start playing football in a league with Spence this Fall. Although, I think these two have been playing football together in their own leage since they met, regardless if they were in their classroom at school, inside both of our houses, or in both of our backyards. Spence won't be there on the field with Kasen this Fall , but he will always be in Kasen's heart and on his mind every step of the way, as well as mine, Jill's and Keegan's.

Spence was very special to us, just as your family is too. I am very thankful that I got to be apart of Spence's life and especially thankful that I got to spend his last few days with him on the Berkner football field, watching him do what he loved to do the most, which was playing and having fun with all of his friends. Spence was non-stop, care free, and just so full of happiness until the very end. We can all learn so many lessons from Spence and how he loved life.

Spence, you are an inspiration for all of us. How you battled,fought and never gave up until the very end is remarkable. That is why the Berkner Football Team is dedicating their 2007 Football Season to you. Every Berkner Ram football player will wear a black sticker with your initials on it on the back of their helmet in your honor. You will serve as a constant reminder to our players,caoches, and community to live and appreciate life to the fullest and to never give up.

Spence, although you lived in Allen and your dad would always take you to the Allen Eagle games, instead of the Berkner games. There was no way that I was going to stand for you to go to Allen HS and be an Eagle. I was going to do all that I could to make sure that you would go to Berkner and be a Ram with Kasen. Which ofcourse meant that you would be playing for me, and as much as I would have hated to have to put up with your Dad questioning me on a daily basis, it would have been a blast and well worth it. I just know that you are up in heaven right now with your Berkner Rams jersey on waiting for your partner in crime Kasen.

We love you Pat, Anna,and Ryan so much, and I wish you strength through all of this.

And Spence, we are so blessed that you came into our lives, we are better people because of you. We will never forget you. We love you!!!

Coach Dave, Jill, Kasen, and Keegan Handal

By Gary and Peggy Allen

2007-08-11 22:16:39 by Gary and Peggy Allen 

Dear Patrick and Anna,
Our most sincere sympathy to all of you at this very, very sad time. Gary and I feel so blessed to have received the Christmas, Halloween and Easter pictures of Spencer and Ryan every year. Although we didn't get to see the boys as often as we would have liked, we were always so happy to hear from you and see how much they had grown. Of course, I did get to hear some wonderful "proud grandmother" stories from your Mom from time to time. We hope the precious memories you have of the joy Spencer brought to all your lives give you peace and comfort. Our love and friendship to all of you.

By Sandy Lyons

Austin, Texas

2007-08-11 21:46:04 by Sandy Lyons 

My heart breaks for you. The only words of comfort that I can think of is that God never makes a mistake. I am sure that He needed another angel in heaven.

By The Sweeney's

2007-08-11 21:29:44 by The Sweeney's 

Pat and family,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. It was obvious that he was loved by all very much.

By Charli (Johnson) Phillips

Waco, Texas
2007-08-11 21:10:24 by Charli (Johnson) Phillips 

Dear Anna, Patrick and little Ryan -

Though my husband Matt and I never had the pleasure of meeting Spencer, I can tell by the photographs and numerous messages from family, friends and even strangers that he was a very, very special little boy. As I read some of these messages, tears are streaming down my face - it is amazing how many lives he touched in a powerful way. I am sad that we never actually knew Spencer, but through these messages I almost feel like I now do, and I am glad to know more about such a beautiful, remarkable child.

As I read about him being an Aggie fan, I recall some of the fun times my sister Tiffani and I had as young children at Aggie football games with our family, sitting close to the Kirkseys. I am happy to know Spencer got to have even more awesome Aggie game experiences.

Please know you and your entire family have been, and will continue to be, in our prayers.


By Troie and Steve Burch '77

Allen, TX
Aggies and Allenites
2007-08-11 21:08:55 by Troie and Steve Burch '77 

I read about Spencer on Tex Ags and was so touched by the comments there and then on Spencer's website where I learned he is from Allen. From the pictures and and all of the stories, Spencer spread his Aggie Spirit for 6+ years on earth and it is continuing to spread here and he is now spreading his Aggie Spirit in heaven. May God comfort you as no other can. You are in our prayers.
Gig 'em and God Bless,

By Rachel Meffert

Louisville, Kentucky
Victoria S. Friend
2007-08-11 19:40:33 by Rachel Meffert 

I want to say God Bless and I hope for the best of Spencer and his family at this time.

By Jack & Shirley Kindt

Bryan, Texas
2007-08-11 18:52:58 by Jack & Shirley Kindt 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Squire:

We want to express our sincere condolences to you and your family
for the loss of your Son, Spencer.

We regret we never had the opportunity to meet Spencer, as I know
he was an outstanding ‘little man’.

We were born and raised in Bryan, Texas, so we are very proud of his
love for the ‘Aggies’.

God blessed my husband with a kidney transplant from an unknown donor
through Southwest Transplant Alliance at Scott & White Hospital in Temple in
September 2000., and seven years later, continues to be in good health. We thank
God everyday for the generosity of this family’s precious gift.

The loving and caring generosity of Spencer’s family in donating his organs
and tissue to the Southwest Transplant Alliance has and will continue to
help so many and as you said, Spencer’s sweet life will continue forever.

We ask God’s blessings upon each of you for your caring and most generous gift
that will benefit so many.

In Christ,

Jack and Shirley Kindt
P.O. Box 3431
Bryan, Texas 77805-3431

By Jamie

College Station, Tx

2007-08-11 18:52:56 by Jamie 

My prayers go out to you and your family. God bless you!! We are all thinking of you at this sadden time.

By Scott & Laura Powers

College Station, Texas

2007-08-11 18:19:59 by Scott & Laura Powers 

May you find comfort in God's love. Your beautiful family is in our prayers.

"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
-Romans 8:38-39

By Daniel Pitcock

Allen, TX
2007-08-11 17:36:37 by Daniel Pitcock 

Pat and Family,
I cannot express to you how much your family has been in my toughts. Though I knew Spencer for a short time through our football camp and knowing Pat through BBall, I know what a caring and special family that you are.
We are truely saddened. Out thoughts and prayers are with you through your healing.


By The Curt Campbell Family

Brenham, TX
grandparent's friend
2007-08-11 16:28:09 by The Curt Campbell Family 

Dear Kirksey Family - Curt and I were so sorry to read of your loss. We pray that you find comfort in God. We find hope in the circle of life through Spencer's organ donation. May the peace of the Lord be with you at this time.

By Alexis Ramirez

Frisco, Tx.
2007-08-11 16:01:27 by Alexis Ramirez 

I didn't get the pleasure of meeting Spencer, but my mother, Jennifer Ramirez always spoke of him in the best ways. She mentioned how he was always smiling. I'm sorry for your loss. The Ramirez family.

By L'Rae Watson

Ralls, Texas
Shawn Hargrove's Sis
2007-08-11 15:45:29 by L'Rae Watson 

Our hearts are with you. It is so obvious that Spencer was a blessing to all. We are so grateful that Zack had the opportunity to be his friend. We are praying for you.
May God Bless You,
The Watson Family

By Richard Lopez

San Antonio, Texas

2007-08-11 15:05:16 by Richard Lopez 

Sometimes we just have to sit and wonder how this can happen to such a wonderful little boy who touched so many lives.
I have a young son and daughter who I Love with all my heart and after reading young Spencer's obituary I had to remind myself how precious life is. I will be praying for you during this hard time. I will even cry for you. (John 11:35 Jesus wept.) the shortest verse in the Bible. He wept when his friend Lazarus passed away. It shows that even the Lord has and can show emotions. (John 11:25 Jesus said unto her (Lazarus Mother) I am the resurrection , and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.
Trust in the Lord and you will see him again in his kingdom.
I did not have the plesasure of meeting this young boy here but I know I will walk with him in my Father's house.
I will send a donation to build the playground in his name. The Lord and my prayers are with you during this hard time...

By Shirley Orman

2007-08-11 13:47:50 by Shirley Orman 

Spencer was a much loved child as was evidenced by the large number attending the celebration of his life this morning. My heart goes out to those of you left behind. Through Gods help, your love for each other and the thoughts and prayers of those of us who care, I hope the wonderful extended Kirksey-Squire family will soon find peace and be able to move forward one day at a time.

By The Frazier Family

Azle, TX.
2007-08-11 12:33:47 by The Frazier Family 

Pat, Anna, and Ryan our thoughts and prayers are with you.We love you guys very much. I have never had the opportunity to save a human life, and Spencer may have saved 5-10 young childrens lives over the past few days. So from now on, when I think of Spencer Patton Squire, I think LEGEND!
Rest in peace little hoss.

By Rhonda Ford

Former HRP Neighbor
2007-08-11 12:26:36 by Rhonda Ford 

Anna and family,

I was so sorry to hear about Spencer. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God give you the strength to get through the hard days ahead.

Anna, please know I am thinking about you during this time.

Take Care,
Rhonda Ford and Family

By Michelle And Norm

2007-08-11 12:05:11 by Michelle And Norm 

Our deepest sympathy go out to you for a lose that no parent should ever have to suffer. May God watch over you during this time.

Michelle and Norm Millender

By Brian Curran

Washington DC
2007-08-11 11:59:55 by Brian Curran 

Dear Pat and Anna,
Dana and I were saddened to hear the news about Spencer.I remember the time Pat, "Spensa" and I were hitting plastic golf balls in your backyard and how gifted an athlete he had become. While it feels like you didn't get the quantity of time you wanted with him, you sure got the quality.He was a testament of a beautiful union between two people and you should be proud. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know anything that we can do to help.
Love,Brian & Dana Curran

By Noreen (Daley) Straughn

North Reading, Ma
old friend
2007-08-11 11:59:48 by Noreen (Daley) Straughn 

Its been years since St Catherine' s and time spent in Somerville. When thinking of you, I am instantly reminded what a sweet funloving person you were in 7th and 8th grade. Its obvious that you haven't changed and your beautiful boys possess those same special qualities.
I was so sorry to hear of your loss and wanted to send my deepest sympathies. It is difficult to find the right words, but I just wanted you to know I will keep you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

By Kristen Eliason Harris

Dallas, Texas
Anna's friend
2007-08-11 11:34:04 by Kristen Eliason Harris 

Anna and family, I am Kristen Eliason Harris and was a Tri Delt with you many years ago at A&M (I am several years older than you). An email about Spencer was circulated to our class of deltas. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. This especially hit home for me because I have two boys ages 3 and 5. Spencer is in a wonderful place and from what I have read, he is surely the captain of the sports team in Heaven. Gods peace to your family.

By Cecil (C. T.) Kirksey

Dallas, TX
2007-08-11 11:12:21 by Cecil (C. T.) Kirksey 

There are few moments that age and youth can really share together in complete harmony. I had the joy of sharing such a moment with you Spencer when we stood arm in arm singing the "War Hymn" at Coaches Night just a few short days ago. Sixty-five years did not matter - It's Great To Be An Aggie. That moment will live every time the "War Hymn" is played. Thank you Spencer for sharing that moment with me.
Love, Uncle Cecil & Aunt Sharon

By Bianca, Teiyra and Shawn

San Antoni, TX

2007-08-11 11:05:53 by Bianca, Teiyra and Shawn 

I don't know Spencer, but I was taken aback by such a young childs obituary. Spencer seems have lived a fun and exciting life full of things that I in my 25 years have not done. I hold your family in my heart as well as my prayers. Remember all things happen through Christ Jesus. Rest in Peace young Spencer.

By Linda Littlefield Grenfel

friend of Matt
2007-08-11 10:36:39 by Linda Littlefield Grenfel 

My prayers are with you. Grief is the hardest work we do, and this grief is the most difficult. Words are inadequate at a time like this. Perhaps Matt would give hugs from me. And I will continue praying.
Grace and peace

By Randy & Chris Jenkins

thru Shannon/Julie
2007-08-11 10:35:43 by Randy & Chris Jenkins 

Chris and I were extremely saddened when my son-in-law (shannon schupbach) shared the news with us about your wonderful little man Spencer. There are many times in lives that we do not understand the hand of God.
Words can not soften the pain during this time of your loss, however, I know that your friends and family are supporting you with love and prayers. Your entire family is in our thoughts and prayers.

By Jenn Ramirez

Dr.Crow's office
2007-08-11 10:21:59 by Jenn Ramirez 

Thoughts and prayers are with you.
He was a wonderful young man and we were blessed to have known him.

By Karen Dilworth and family

HRP Neighbors
2007-08-11 10:01:11 by Karen Dilworth and family 

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

By Dawna Comeaux

The Woodlands, TX
2007-08-11 09:20:03 by Dawna Comeaux 

Anna, Patrick, and Ryan,
The loss of Spenser has got to be the greatest sorrow. His photos show a very happy, very loved little boy...full of life and eager to take on the world.
It's uncomprehendable to me how something like this can happen to such a sweet family.
May you find comfort today, courage for tomorrow and hope in your heart always. I'm sure he's watching over you right now with a soccer ball in one hand and a baseball bat in the other wearing his favorite Aggie t-shirt.
Much love and peace be with you,
Dawna, Kayleigh, and Kimber

By Terry Pederson McElroy

Navasota, Texas
dear friend of Margo
2007-08-11 09:10:08 by Terry Pederson McElroy 

I did not know Spencer personally; however, through his Aunt Margo I came to know a young boy that was full of life and was dearly loved by all. My sister died when I was six years old and my mother always said that was the worse thing that ever happened to her...that was is 1957...and to her that is still such a pain in her heart. But, somehow the world goes on. (My younger brother is a minister and at a recent family funeral that was the theme...that the world does go on.) We may not want it to..but the world does go on. Someone gave my mother a book by Dale Evans entitled Anger Unaware about her daughter who died young. My mother always said the book helped her so much to face the world again. I hope I can find that book for Anna and for Aunt Margo. I wish I had the gift for words...Margo is the eloquent one in our group...at a time like this. I can only say how my heart breaks for the family and my prayers to God will be to hold this family in His love and to give them the strength to face the world...as the world moves on.

By Mike

Lucas, TX
2007-08-11 08:50:48 by Mike 

Pat, Anna & Ryan,

We were so saddened to hear about Spencer. Please know our hearts and prayers are with you during this extremely difficult time. Unfortunately we didn't have the pleasure of meeting Spencer but from all the postings we could tell he was a very special and loved boy. We know that with God's help, your family and your friends, you will get through this. We will keep Spencer and you in all our prayers.

Love The Marvins
Mike, Michelle, McKenna and Matthew

By Jeanette Colletti

Allen, Texas
Unknown Friends
2007-08-11 08:48:50 by Jeanette Colletti 

We are truly heart-broken about little Spencer even though we never had the honor to have met him. My grand-daughter, Megan Elise and I were at the park near Kerr Elememtary School when we saw flashing lights.
As we were approaching we saw the Care Flight Helecopter preparing to land. My grand-daughter is only 4 yrs. old and wanted to know what was happening. I said someone is very sick and is being taken to the hospital in the helecopter and it could be a child. I told her we needed to pray immediately. We are Catholic and she and I said prayers to Jesus and Mary and asked them to please be with this sick person and to let him feel their loving presence.
We said many prayers as the Helecopter flew directly over our heads, and we noticed a Hugh Red Heart painted underneath the Helecopter. I pointed the Red Heart out to Megan and told her that they have great Love for the sick person and take very good Care of the sick as they take them to the hospital. It was surprising to see a 4 yr. old show such concern and compassion.
Megan and I said our prayers for him walking home.
After reading the obituary today for Spencer, I felt compelled to write in his guest book. I looked at all the photos of him and was overwhelmed to see this beautiful little boy whom we had never met but had prayed so earnestly and deeply for. I also showed his picture to Megan and said this is the little person we prayed for that was in the helecopter.
Although Spencer was only 6,he lived such a full, rewarding, honorable life with so many achievements, awards and recognition and so many exciting adventures that the majority of people never experience in a very long lifetime.
I know that Jesus welcomed this prescious little boy home with open arms and holds him so very close to his side and most Sacred Heart. Spencer is an angel and we will see him in him again in heaven!
With all Sincerety of Heart and Compassion and Praying for all Spencer's family to feel Grace and Peace in God's Blessings, I want you to know your are in my thoughts and prayers.
With much Love for a little boy we never met,
Jeanette and Megan Elise

By Gayle and E.T. Boon

Boon School
2007-08-11 08:18:14 by Gayle and E.T. Boon 

We are saddened and heartbroken by the loss of one of our Boon Patroits. Spencer we will miss you and pray for peace and strength that only God can provide. We love you.

By Cathy Nolte and family

Spring, Texas
Anna's friend
2007-08-11 07:44:49 by Cathy Nolte and family 

Dearest Squire family,

I do not know where to begin to express our condolences to your family. We are so sorry about the loss of Spencer. Although we'd only met him briefly, we know how loved he was and that he couldn't ask for better, more dedicated parents and a fabulous extended family and network of friends to support and guide him.

I've asked my local friends and my family to keep your family and Spencer in their prayers. Anna, I couldn't help but describe you to my friends by saying you are the epitome of a true Southern Lady with a beautiful strength, tact, a gentle, hospitable heart and always a concern for others. I am sure you are handling this most difficult week no differently... I have also asked God to continue to bless you with the strength, special joy in life and grace that only you have.

May God Bless you all and may your little Angel Aggie watch over you from heaven until you meet again.

By Kevin Squire

Owensboro, KY
2007-08-11 07:01:19 by Kevin Squire 

Dear Uncle Patrick, Aunt Anna, and Cousin Ryan

Words cannot explain the pain and sadness that has overcome me with the loss of your son Spencer. To you this feeling of heartache must be overwhelming.

Spencer may have lived a short life, but it was still a life worth living. He had two parents that loved him, and although we have not yet met, surely a terrific little brother.

I want you all to know that through this hardened time I will always be there for you, and keep you in my prayers daily. Spencer is truly in a better place, and we will all remember him dearly until we meet again in Heaven.

With Love, Kevin A. Squire

By The Karesh Family

Astros Baseball
2007-08-11 00:26:16 by The Karesh Family 

To The Squires-
Our hearts and prayers go out to your entire family.
Noah loved playing baseball on the Astros with Spencer, we will miss him dearly. He was a wonderful little boy.

The Karesh's - Barry, Liz, Madeline and Noah

By Martin & Mary Sue Hefley

Bryan, Texas
CT & Sharon friends
2007-08-10 22:54:24 by Martin & Mary Sue Hefley 

Dear Anna and Family,

We are friends of C.T. and Sharon. You and Sharon came to visit us in North Carolina on your way to Boston in 1992. We have recently retired and have moved back to Texas. We are heartbroken for you; Spencer was a precious boy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and all of your family.

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