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Visitor Guest Book of Spencer Squire

By Courtney Garcia

CRUMC Preschool
2007-08-10 22:53:24 by Courtney Garcia 

Dear Squire Family,

We are so saddened to hear of your precious loss, Spencer. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

The last time I saw Spencer you all were coming out of Chili's in Allen and he was smiling and on the go as usual. His eyes just sparkling and full of adventure. He was a real firecracker and he will be missed.

God bless you all,
Carlos, Courtney, Alicia and Ana Garcia

By Michael Squire

Owensboro, KY
2007-08-10 22:26:47 by Michael Squire 

Dear Uncle Pat and Aunt Anna,

I am truly sorry about the loss you have suffered. I wish i could have met Spencer...I bet he was the best of kids, full of joy, life, and athleticism. I will be attending the funeral with my brother Kevin and my Dad Eric. I dont know what id do if i lost Kevin, i would probably be in a state of depression. When I get to Dallas, I would appreciate learning about Spencer and what a great kid he was. I feel that if im part of the family its my responsiblility to know about my family and care for them and love them for who they are. Even though i never met Spencer i just know he was a one of a kind kid.

Love and with sincere apologies,
Michael C. Squire

P.S.-- my e-mail adress name is bad but I liked it, I'm sorry

By Joan Beck Knox

Austin, TX
grandmother's friend
2007-08-10 22:09:39 by Joan Beck Knox 

What a precious, beautiful, and darling little boy. So talented and strong and gifted, with smiles on his face. May God reach the depths of your heart and soul and somehow give to each of you some kind of peace, despite the horrible pain that you must feel. I am so sad and at a loss for words and I will pray for you daily. May God Bless Each of You. God Love You.

By Geoff Lochausen

2007-08-10 22:08:55 by Geoff Lochausen 

Dear Squire Family,

Words can't express the sorrow that we feel for your loss. I remember when little Spencer was brought into this world when Pat and I worked together and I'll never forget when I was told about the unfortunate turn of events that took place last Saturday and my heart broke for Pat and Anna as we too have a son who is about a year older than Spencer. You all have been and will continue to be in our prayers. Don't you know that when Spencer went to be with God he first asked him if he was an Aggie.

The Lochausens

By Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shannon

Medford, Ma. 01l55

2007-08-10 21:59:45 by Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shannon 

Dear Pat, Ann and Ryan
My sympathy's are with you at this very sad time. Spencer is in heaven and is one of Gods angels. He will be praying for you now. God Bless

By Kristen Cochrane

Plano, TX
daughter of teacher
2007-08-10 21:56:42 by Kristen Cochrane 

Squire Family,
Wow. I don't even know where to begin. The loss of Spencer after 6 short years makes you realize how short and precious life is. I had the pleasure of meeting Spencer through my mother's preschool class. She was his preschool teacher for 2 years. She has said over and over again how his agility and energy were far beyond his years. I cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling now, but I assure you, he is in a better, more peaceful place. As I read through messages, I am amazed at the number of people who didn't even know him, but are still heartbroken. I was looking on the website earilier and there were already over 4,000 hits. Just a few hours later it is now over 6,000! He has very obviously touched the lives of very many people.
My prayers are with your family. God bless you and your little angel, Spencer.

By The Hodgson family

1417 Rio Grande, Twin Creeks
Rylee is Boon friend
2007-08-10 21:40:21 by The Hodgson family 

May God bless you Patrick, Anna, & Ryan. Take comfort in the support of family, friends, and all of your Twin Creeks neighbors. We are here for you for whatever you may need. Spencer is a beautiful angel whose light will shine always, in our hearts and from the heavens.

By Rhonda

2007-08-10 21:28:25 by Rhonda 

I saw your little boy's obituary. I just wanted to say that I am praying for you. He is adorable and I am sure he will be missed.I have a little boy his age so it really hit home.I was wondering what he past away from. If you do not wish to share that I totally understand.
Sincerly, Rhonda

By Trey Teichelman

long time friends
2007-08-10 21:13:37 by Trey Teichelman 

The sadness and agony of this loss has changed us forever. Patrick and Anna are truly some of the finest people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Gracious, loving, caring people who raised their boys to be just as amazing.

From Aggieland to Draft Day to Haverwood Drive to Plano, we have had great times. Your pain and sadness during this time has been unbearable, but your spirit and your love of life and friends will carry you through. Spencer would want you both to laugh, play and be strong for Ryan.

Our love for you and your family will never end, nor will our memory of Spencer and his magical smile.

Trey, Brittin, Cole and Brynne Teichelman
(and Lance)

By Shahrzad Bacon

Frisco, Tx
Church Member
2007-08-10 21:13:02 by Shahrzad Bacon 

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

By Molly Wilder

Bryan, Texas
friendof mother's
2007-08-10 21:06:08 by Molly Wilder 

Anna, I don't if you remember me. I am Molly Wilder was Baumann. I Margo's big sister in Tri-Delta and Julie Taylor's little sister. I was so sad to hear about your son. I have a Spencer too. I am sure your's is as sweet and special as mine. Please know I will be thinking of you. I know God will get you though this.

By Texas A&M Athletic Dept.

College Station, TX
2007-08-10 20:55:09 by Texas A&M Athletic Dept. 

The Texas A&M student-athletes, the coaches and staff want to express our deepest condolences to the Squire family. We would like you to know that Spencer touched many, many lives in his short time on earth. Even though Spencer may have thought of Stephen McGee as a hero; Stephen thought the same of Spencer. As the #1 Aggie fan in heaven, Spencer has the best view of all of the practices, games and events. We will miss you Spencer, but look forward to the glorius reunion one day in heaven.




2007-08-10 20:39:07 by  

I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Spencer, but I had to tell you what a beautiful tribute you wrote for him in the newspaper. I have never read anything more moving. I am so sorry for your loss.

By Hermine Morrow

Dallas, Texas
2007-08-10 19:30:03 by Hermine Morrow 

Dear Anna, Patrick, and Ryan,
Spencer was a very special boy. Rest assured that he
is now up in heaven with all the other angels. Hunter has
pointed out that Spencer is one of the beautiful stars in
the night watching over his family and friends.
May God bless you all.
Hermine Morrow ( Holly Andrews' mom & Hunter's grandmother)

By Rich & Daria Geraffo

Work associate
2007-08-10 19:29:15 by Rich & Daria Geraffo 

Pat, Anna & Ryan;
Our hearts go out to your family and we will pray for Spencer. We enjoyed our time with Spencer and your family at the Bea Achievers Club in Hawaii. We went on the rain forest adventure together. Spencer was so funny and made the bus ride a true enjoyable experience. In the short time we spent together Spencer was a joy to be around. We are deeply sorry for your loss and may Gods blessings be with you.

By The Esparza Family

Allen TX
Students at Boon
2007-08-10 19:04:19 by The Esparza Family 

Our entire family grieves your loss. What a treasure he was and it has moved our family to learn of his tremendous impact in such a short life. We will pray for your continued healing as your journey continues here on Earth.

By Karen Ferrazzani Townsend

Malden, MA
family friend
2007-08-10 18:51:53 by Karen Ferrazzani Townsend 

To the Squire Family,
We are good friends with Chris and Cindy and wanted to express our deepest condolences to your family. It seems Spencer was very well loved and was a beautiful child. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.
With love,
Karen and Ryan Townsend

By Jill Fortenbaugh

Plano Texas
CRUMC School
2007-08-10 18:10:49 by Jill Fortenbaugh 

Dear Squire Family,
You are all in our thoughts and our prayers. I didn't know Spencer but Ryan was in Camerons class last year and when I heard this news about Spencer I was shocked and saddened all at the same time.

I can't even fathom the pain you are suffering but know that Spencer is in Gods hands now as well as God is taking care of you here on this earth. Knowing that Spencer has donated his organs is a blessing for others too and you will know that a little bit of Spencer will be around for many years to come.

I will be praying for you and your family each day and praying that with time all saddness and wounds will heal.I know this is a hard understanding for Ryan as well. Special prayers will be said for him too.

I hope that I do get to see you in the CRUMC hall this next year and lend you a hug and know that we are praying for you.

Remember that your family loves you and will stick by you and all your friends will be there to support you and love you as well as care for you too!

Please take care as we pray for Spencer. I am sure he is up with God showing him how to play soccer and enjoying life just as he did on this earth.

Jill Fortenbaugh

By Jay Magruder '87

Texas Aggie
2007-08-10 17:40:36 by Jay Magruder '87 

I am so sorry for your lose.

Hearing about your beautiful son brings up the memories of my 2 month old nephew, who went to be with The Lord so early in his life. My sister reminded us all. When we go to be with The Lord, we will not be able to get close to Jesus, because of all the children.

Please know that Spencer is with The Lord and that many who don't even know you, grieve with you.

By Rocky,Starla,KarlieAusten

San Antonio, TX
2007-08-10 17:23:59 by Rocky,Starla,KarlieAusten 

Pat, Anna and Ryan,
Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you always. It is so hard to understand some of life's lessons, but please know we are always by your side. In such a short time, little Spencer had a truly amazing life, and was given such wonderful parents. We hope you are given strength and peace during this very difficult time. We love you very much, and will always be there if you need us.

By Alex and Tony Roman

2007-08-10 17:21:39 by Alex and Tony Roman 

Dear Patrick and Anna:
It has been an honor and a true blessing to know you and your son Spencer. It is a true testament of God's love and your character as parents, the many ways Spencer touched people in his short life. Not only that, but in his death he has become a miracle to so many. You are truly blessed to have him as a son.

Always your friends,
The Romans

By Nancee Dobbs

Lockhart TX
2007-08-10 17:09:55 by Nancee Dobbs 

Dear Anna, Patrick, Pat, Patsy and Margo,

Somehow it never feels right when your child dies ahead of you. It's not supposed to happen in that sequence. The loss of Spencer, only 6 years old, makes no sense at all. But I do know that our God is sufficient to meet all our needs. It is all right to lean on others when the grieving path is too steep to climb. Reach out and take the hands and hearts of others and feel the presence of God through them. We will be praying that the "moments of memories" will strenghten you as you all try to deal with his death. One day, when you are going through heaven's gates, don't be surprised to see Spencer's face light up and to hear him call out your name. What a reunion that will be! We will keep on loving and praying for you all.

By Bettye Odom

Crosbyton, Texas

2007-08-10 17:00:28 by Bettye Odom 

I am Shawn Hargrove's aunt. I live in Crosbyton. When I heard about your precious little one, I just felt compelled to let you know that I am praying for you, and even though I know your hearts are breaking, you know he is in a better place, even though that is a pretty hard thing to take. God Bless you in your time of need.

By The Bengis Family

Frisco, TX

2007-08-10 16:56:15 by The Bengis Family 

You don't know our family, we are friends of the Glovers. Please accept our deepest condolences on the loss of your precious son, Spencer. His pictures show what a beautiful, vibrant boy he was and the messages that have been left show how many lives he touched in his 6 short years. Your entire family will be in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you.

By The Autreys

Plano, TX
Old Neighbors
2007-08-10 16:33:37 by The Autreys 

Patrick, Anna and Ryan,

Our hearts truly do go out to you and your family as you undergo one of life's hardest lessons. We may never know why God chose Spencer at this moment, but we do know that he is with his Heavenly Father who will take great care of him until you meet again.

What great pictures and memories of Spencer. Even though we did not know him very well, he was always kind and had a sweet smile on his face as he passed by our house on Mason. Obviously he had a great charisma about him that touched everyone whom he came in contact with.

Please know that we will be praying for each of you and will be sharing this with our Sunday School class. We miss seeing you on the block, but looks as if you are being taken care of in your new neighborhood and for that we are grateful.

Love to all of you,
Brett, Kristy and Nathan Autrey

By Tim Chaisson and family

Scituate, MA
2007-08-10 16:21:09 by Tim Chaisson and family 

Dear Pat and family, I am searching for words to give your family some comfort and support at such a tragic time in your life. A loss like yours is so hard to understand. In your own time, and way, may God help you find a place of healing in your heart. I opened Spencer's site and his smile brought me back to a time when we shared many a laugh. There is no doubting where that smile came from. Please know that Spencer and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

By Rob Yowell

Phoenix, AZ
friend from Dallas
2007-08-10 16:18:31 by Rob Yowell 

Pat & family:
I cannot imagine the pain you feel at the loss of Spencer and our family will keep you in our prayers.

By Steven Woods

Indpls, IN
Met Pat through Crnk
2007-08-10 15:45:36 by Steven Woods 

Crnkovich emailed me moments ago with the terrible news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Spencer as well as your family.
In Peace,
Steven Woods

By Stephanie

Pflugerville, Tx
2007-08-10 15:27:58 by Stephanie 

Squire Family - Words cannot express how truly sorry I am for the loss of your precious son, Spencer. I lost my 2 year old niece unexpectedly almost 12 years ago so I can empathize with the pain you are feeling. While we may not understand why our precious little ones are chosen to be with God at such a young age, we can take comfort knowing they are Angels in Heaven. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You!

By Melissa Heather

2007-08-10 15:27:20 by Melissa Heather 

Dearest Squire Family,

I am so terribly saddened to hear of the tragic loss of your beautiful son Spencer, I have spent the last 30 minutes looking at all his pictures and smiling thru my tears at your sweet boy. My 17-month old son is currently in remission (3 months now) from cancer. He was saved thanks to a wonderful family that chose to donate their daughters organs and he had a successful liver transplant. When I heard about Spencer and the truly compassionate and selfless gift you gave to others in light of his passing, my heart swelled. I am so moved that even in the midst of your intense grief, you
thought of saving others lives. Please know how deeply thankful donor recipients truly are, it is moving to know your beautiful son will continue to live on thru others and always loved as he will never be forgotten!

Holding you up in prayers and blessings,
The Heather Family.

By Chris Andrews

Kaiserslautern Germany
2007-08-10 15:19:38 by Chris Andrews 

Patrick, Anna & Ryan,

I just heard of the tragic loss of your son Spencer. Our son Hunter was a good friend of Spencer and we are truly saddened by his passing. We send our most heartfelt prayers to you and the comfort in knowing that he is with God.

Thank you for allowing our son to be Spencer's friend.

Chris, Holly, Tyler and Hunter

By Jason and Cindy Roach

Allen, Tx
friend and neighbor
2007-08-10 15:08:43 by Jason and Cindy Roach 

To the Squire family:

Cindy and I are so sad to hear about the loss of your son Spencer. We live in the same neighborhood and I met Spencer only a few times but I learned a lot about him through Zach Hargrove and his father Shawn Hargrove. I have gotten to know Pat through my good friend Shawn over the past year and I hear Spencer was a lot like his father. What a great compliment! As parents, we can only imagine the depth of your sadness. As Christians, we know your precious angel is home.

By Carol & Leah


2007-08-10 14:51:09 by Carol & Leah 

Dear Patrick, Anna, Ryan, & Family,
I am so sorry for your loss. Although Leah and I did not have the opportunity to meet Spencer we know how very special he is. A handsome, bright, talented, young man. Wow...the lives he touched in his short time here with us. Please know our prayers and love are with you all as you go through these next few weeks and upcoming months. His love and precious memories will be with you eternally, and he will be remembered with a smile by so many people.
Love, Carol, Leah & Family
"Occasionally, we are graced with the presence of an earthbound angel.
They are unable to stay with us for long, but when they do, they bring unprecendented joy and happiness to all they touch.
While they are here, we bask in their goodness and marvel at their contribution to the world.
When they leave, we are left with the devastation that comes with losing such a wonderful being...but we must remember...the earth bound angels are not ours to keep.
They are ours to enjoy, learn from, and behold until they return home."


2007-08-10 14:33:47 by JANET ELAINE HARGRAVE 

I did not know Spencer...but his golf instructor is my son--in-law,,,,MY HEART BREAKS FOR YOU....and the only comfort I can give you is that GOD needed Spencer in Heaven and I know he can look down at his family with unconditional love forever just as you can look up and give him your unconditional love forever.......

By gwen caldwell

Cedar Hill,Tx
2007-08-10 14:21:35 by gwen caldwell 

I am truley saddened of the lost of your small child my prayers and sadness is with you.He is in Gods hands now and he will watch over him and guide him. Now he will be an angel of God. The Caldwell family will keep you in their prayers.

By Tiffany & Brian Woodrick

2007-08-10 14:14:08 by Tiffany & Brian Woodrick 

The Squire Family,

We are so heartbroken to hear of Spencer's passing.
Curtis was in Spencer's 4 year old class at CDC, and he always talked about Spencer and how much fun and how "cool" he was.
Your Family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Tiffany, Brian, Curtis, and Connor Woodrick

By Joe & Joyce Hargrove

Crosbyton , Texas

2007-08-10 13:57:30 by Joe & Joyce Hargrove 

Pat, Anna & Ryan, Shawn shared with us by telephone the findings with Spencer. Whatever, he is with the Lord Jesus in Heaven and probably playing sports. We are praying for the three and your extended family as you face this week-end and the weeks to come. We do not always understand why but we can be certain that the Lord always knows best in all things. We are praying that you will find the strength you need in the Lord and He will carry you through. May the Lord continue to bless the three of you and may you feel his love surrounding you in all things. Zack's grandparents

By Ron Ferrazzani

Squire family friend
2007-08-10 13:51:24 by Ron Ferrazzani 

Dear Patrick,

My heart breaks for you and your family as I learn of the tragic loss of your son Spencer. For you and your wife Anna, a parentís worst fear of losing a child has become a reality, and all we can offer you are words of sympathy and condolence, an outpouring of affection, and prayers that somehow you find strength in your faith and in God.

When I first opened Spencer's web page, I was unable to control my emotions as I had my very first look at Spencer. He is your spitting image. His picture reminds me of the first time I met you some forty years ago in your kitchen. You were three years old. You had a baseball in hand, and you looked at me and said, "Hi! Do you want to play catch", and then you pegged one at me (with unbelievable speed and accuracy for a three year old). I guess there is no mistaking Spencer's origin and his passion for sports.

As I read through the many messages from family, friends, and other people in Spencer's life, it is obvious he was a very special person that touched everyone he met. I would have liked to meet Spencer.

Please accept my most sincere condolences and know that you, Anna, and Ryan, are in my thoughts and prayers; and that Spencer has touched me, although we have never met.

Ron Ferrazzani

By Scott Rogers

Midland, Tx
Fellow Aggie
2007-08-10 13:46:40 by Scott Rogers 

Our prayers are with you, I know your hearts are heavy.
I can only imagine the pain you are feeling now.
From reading other messages, Spencer sounds like he was a wonderful little boy.
May it comfort you to know that he is with Jesus now and you will see him again.

By Carol and Jim Keblinger

College Station
2007-08-10 13:46:35 by Carol and Jim Keblinger 

Our hearts go out to you at this time. We're sure those 12 Aggie Angels from Bonfire have already taken Spencer under their wings and will help him. Our prayers are with you. God bless you.

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