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Visitor Guest Book of Spencer Squire

By Laurie Robinson

Frisco, TX
friend of Anna
2008-08-04 13:03:37 by Laurie Robinson 

I have you guys on my mind today. I will never ever forget the call I got from Lynde on this day - August 4th - last year, telling me that Spencer had been taken to the hospital. Your family has been such an inspiration this past year with your determination to make positive things happen through your tragedy. Love to each of you!

By Ernie Nycz

Soccer Coach
2008-07-31 00:42:35 by Ernie Nycz 

It is now almost exactly one year since we lost Spencer. We know that he is looking at us, and we miss him a lot. He will forever be in our hearts.

By Dave Handal

2008-06-30 14:16:27 by Dave Handal 


As you already know, the 7 year old Red Sox just finished off a magical season by winnning their League Championship. You have been with us the whole way, and there is no doubt that you are the reason that the boys came out on top. Thank you for always smiling down on these boys.

Coach Dave

By Dave Handal

2008-04-15 13:22:12 by Dave Handal 


The Red Sox just finished up with their first baseball tournament of the season. We hang your jersey up in the dugout each game to remind the boys that you will always be with them not only on the baseball field but for the rest of their lives.We sure miss having you in our lineup, but we know that you are the star of your new team that you are now playing for. We all love you and will never forget how lucky we all were to have you be apart of our lives.

Coach Dave and the Red Sox

By Pat Squire

Allen, Texas
2008-03-09 14:59:47 by Pat Squire 

I would like to thank everyone who has visited Spencer's site. Your support, thoughtfulness and prayers have been tremendous.

Spencer had a unique zest for life, family, friends, school, sports and Texas A&M. His passion and never quit attitude keeps us going, and though its tough...keeps us smiling.

God Bless you all.

By gaby


2008-02-09 16:46:08 by gaby 

I just want Spencer to know that if he could see how much he has brought everyone together,
he would be amazed.
Its obvious that a LOT of people care about you. : )

By Yoli Johnson

Flower Mound

2008-02-08 12:38:11 by Yoli Johnson 

I came across Spencer's ad in today's paper and I had to read more about him so I came to this site. Spencer was such a beautiful boy. I too have an angel in heaven.
My son. Caden, passed away on Nov 24, 2006 of a brain tumor as well. He was 2 years old. I invite you to join us this year for the DFW Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation "Ride for Kids" at Grapevine Mills Mall on Oct 5. www.pbtfus.org

God Bless you and your family.

By Michael Bloodworth

Henrietta, Texas
friend of Chris & Ma
2008-01-17 13:11:26 by Michael Bloodworth 

I had the pleasure of being around Spencer a few times........although I didn't know him well, there are days when thoughts of him inspire me to want to be a better friend, father & husband. God bless your family.

By Tracy (Anderson) Hill

Millis, Massachusetts

2008-01-16 07:50:32 by Tracy (Anderson) Hill 

I came across Spencer's Boston Globe obituary today. Pat, I went to high school with you...I am not sure if you remember me. I can't believe you and your family have been though such a tragedy. Your little boy was absolutely beautiful and your decision to donate is a courageous and selfless act. As a nurse, I know how valuable organ donation is. Reading about Spencer and looking at your pictures brought to mind a quote from Abe Lincoln: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." It sounds like your beloved son lived more in his short life than many people ever do. You should take comfort in that. I wish you and your family all the best.

By Jennifer (Cook) Cole

Palmer, TX
Friend of Anna
2008-01-09 12:15:12 by Jennifer (Cook) Cole 


Over the past several months I have thought of and prayed for you often. Today, I find myself back at the website again. I have been filled with so many emotions over the last months. I have wanted to reach out to you and did not know how. Know that I have been thinking of you.

I find myself in awe of the courage and strength that you display on a daily basis. You are a true Southern woman radiating grace and beauty in even the darkest of times. I am proud to call you my friend.

I met Spencer only once, but I know that you and Pat were wonderful parents. As I prepare for an eventual family of my own I will look to your example. May God bless you and your family.

I would love to help you with one of the fund raising events that you are holding in Spencerís honor. I will send you my contact information by mail and encourage you to contact me if you need anything from tables and chairs to a volunteer.

By Deb Kirksey Alexander

Dallas / Granbury
KK's (Anna) cousin
2008-01-09 00:36:25 by Deb Kirksey Alexander 

KK, I am so proud of you, Patrick & Ryan for keeping Spencer's spirit alive in all of the lives he touched as well as those who didn't know Spencer. Your support from your family; Margo, Chirs, Aunt Patsy, Uncle Pat and all of the friends in Lockhart; is truly special. Spencer will always be the "12th Man", ready to get on the field at Kyle Stadium. I think about you, our family and frinds in Lockhart every day. It comforts me knowing he in near Granna & Paw-Paw, as well as other family members who have passed on. Ya know, although Tulle moved to A&M (leaving me alone) I cry just thinking about losing my only child. I pray for you every night asking GOD to help you cope without losing your mind, as well as, talking to Granna to take care of Spencer. I am so sorry Granna passed away before seeing her 3 new Great Grandbabies. I sometimes feel guilty that Tulle was the only Great Granchild she knew, that is why I named Tulle after Paw-Paw & dad (Cecil Tulle Kirksey). After all, the Kirksey tradition is include a family name in all of our children.
KK, I love you & I miss you. As I look at all of the photos of us growing up, the memories feel as if it were just yesterday. Spencer has your personality of living life to the fullest & taking advantage of every opportunity to do exactly what Spencer loved while preparing to attend A&M aroung 2019.
KK, you are truly blessed to have so many family & friends to support you. (everything I've written is to Patrick & Ryan as well).
GOD bless you & keep you.
I tuly love my cousins & wish we could see more of eachother as the 3 of us are spread out in Texas.
KK, I am proud of you, Patrick & Ryan for all you do.
I love you, Deb

By Sue


2007-12-17 10:22:17 by Sue 

I am sorry to read of the loss of your little boy. Wow, you all sure are into sports, huh? Well, I hope that the holidays bring healing and strength to your family.

By Terri Phillips

2007-12-15 22:39:55 by Terri Phillips 

I love the poem sent by the Handals. It's absolutely perfect. You all stay in my prayers.

By Lynn Swaner

Wylie, TX
Beth's daughter
2007-12-14 19:36:10 by Lynn Swaner 

Your family's story continues to inspire me. What a wonderful tribute to such a special, loved young man. Your courage and your grace, undeniably, effect us all. Thank you, Spencer, and the entire Squire family, for sharing your light.

By dee Handal

Plano, TX
family friend
2007-12-11 14:43:23 by dee Handal 

Dear Anna, Pat and Ryan,

We lit the candle for Spencer and Steven. What a beautiful thing to do. Their light will always burn in our hearts and in our thoughts.
I wished our precious Spencer a "Happy Birthday SugarĒ. I know this season will be so very hard for you and all that loved him. I have a poem I want to share with you for I know this is Spencer speaking to all of us.

My First Christmas in Heaven

I see the countless Christmas trees, around the world below,
With tiny lights, like Heavenís stars, reflecting on the snow.
The sight is so spectacular; please wipe away the tear, for I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.
I hear the many Christmas songs,
That people hold so dear.
But the sounds of music canít compare
With the Christmas choir up here.
I have no words to tell you. The joy their voices bring.
For it is beyond description
To hear the Angels sing.
I now how much you miss me. I see the pain inside your heart.
But I am not so far away, we really arenít apart.
So be happy for me loved ones, you know I hold you dear,
And be glad I Ďme spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.
I send you each a special gift.
From my heavenly home above,
I send you each a memory
Of my truly undying love.
After all, love is a gift
More precious than pure gold.
It was always most important
In the stories Jesus told.
Please love and keep each other, as my Father said to do,
For I canít count the blessings, or love He has for you.
So have a wonderful Christmas and wipe away that tear,
Remember I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.

A special Christmas wish to The Squireís
The Handalís

By Dawn Thompson

swim class friend
2007-12-11 10:39:56 by Dawn Thompson 

It brings tears and joy to read this! I love how God has brought these families together to see how miraculously He does work all things together for His Glory and the good of those who love him. I have tried to take it all in, as a mother, and I am so comofrted by seeing you all together with Jana! What a parallel to Christ, and a great way to remember this Christmas what it is really all about! You continue to be in my prayers.

By Jane morrison

Petersfield Hampshire England
Mother Squire
2007-12-11 10:39:12 by Jane morrison 

I am so sorry to hear today of your loss. My mother |Rosamond Carter [nee Squire ] Spencers Grandfathers cousin. Our prayers and thoghts are with you. Love from Jane Morrison and family.xxx

By Rosamond Carter{ Squire}

Petersfield Hants England
Second Cousin
2007-12-11 04:09:41 by Rosamond Carter{ Squire} 

God bless you Spencer, you will be sadly missed this Christmas.

By Vilven Family

2007-12-10 19:40:51 by Vilven Family 

Conrad wore his Spencer's All Star Team t-shirt, and we all wore our bracelets... We released 12 balloons last night for Spencer, as our candle burned inside. We love you all, and are thinking of you.
Richard, Susan, Blake, Conrad and Garrett

By Ernie Nycz

Plano, Texas
Soccer Coach
2007-12-09 22:11:33 by Ernie Nycz 

Today was Spencer's Birthday (December 9, 2007). Most of the Sharks and other boys from his football and basketball team gathered at Peter Piper Pizza in McKinney, Texas, very close to Spencer's house, to wish him a happy birthday. Today was his 7th birthday. We all said a prayer, led by Mary Anne Moye, and the boys blew out candles and we all had cupcakes.

We all miss him very much. There is not a saturday night goes by that we do not think about him, where he is, and wonder how he is doing. We hope that where he is tonight, that he can see how much we are all missing him, and how much we miss him in our lives.

By Ronnie Craven

Seattle Wa
Childhood Friend
2007-12-05 09:09:15 by Ronnie Craven 

I am so sorry to hear the news of your loss, I just heard the news today.. I can tell by looking at the photos how much Spencer meant to everyone. I never met Spencer but looking at him I see this kid on Albion street with no jump shot, with a great sense of humor...He was so you Pat I can tell, and he was lucky to have such good caring parents, and a community that loved him so... I will pray for you and your family, and am truly sorry..And as you already know us humans from the Ville stick together, always....

By Ron Craven

Seattle Wa.
2007-12-04 19:28:37 by Ron Craven 

I just heard this tragic news today of your son passing, I am deeply sorry for you and your family. I looked at some of the photos of your family, you can tell how much he touched your lives. Even know I never met your son, after seeing him I feel I do, as he looks so much like you Pat when you were growing up on Albion Street.. I will pray for you and your family, and you know that us humans from the Ville will be thinking of you..

By Joel Arevalo

Austin, Texas
Long-time friend
2007-11-15 16:46:04 by Joel Arevalo 

Patrick, Anna,

Our hearts and prayers go to you. May God bless your family and give you strength. Spencer will not only live on in your hearts but also in the lives he saved with his precious organs. You have an angel waiting for you in heaven.

By Kim Smith


2007-11-02 11:04:01 by Kim Smith 


I pray for peace for your family as they learn to live without you. My son is in heaven with you with our Heavenly Father. May they eventually find peace and joy in their lives knowing that God loved you so much he brought you home.

Kim and Keelan Smith

By Carla Bartlett

Ralston, OK

2007-11-01 22:12:13 by Carla Bartlett 

I too am a mother and I can only express my dearest sympathy for your loss and admiration for what you have done by donating your son's organs. I am also a friend of the woman that recieved your son's liver. What a blessing to many that has been. You and your family are truly heroes. May God bless you and your family.

By Troy

Burnet, TX
Fellow Aggie
2007-10-30 19:00:02 by Troy 

I recently found out about your son. He was a special boy and reminds me of my 3 year old son. Spencer lived the kind of life we can only dream about living. I will pray for you everyday and only hope one day I can live the kind of life he did because he showed the world how a Aggie lives life. God Bless I met your son at the A&M dinner in Horseshoe Bay,Tx and he touched my life then and when I found out what happened it hurt me deeply.

By Jack & Elaine Keenan

Parents of Kevin
2007-10-29 21:17:08 by Jack & Elaine Keenan 

Our Love and Prayers are with you and your Beautiful Young Son Spencer!!
May your Family grow in Love!!

By John Motley '83

New Port Richey, Florida
Fellow Aggie
2007-10-25 10:35:18 by John Motley '83 

Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family! Spencer was an Aggie to the core and set an example for all Aggies to follow!

By Kathi Bliss

Student of Patsy's
2007-10-25 09:09:11 by Kathi Bliss 

Anna, Pat and Ryan -
My heart hurt the day I heard what had happened to your son. Anna-Kathryn was a few years ahead of me in High School, but I knew Margo, and Mrs. K was always one of my favorite teachers, so your family is dear to my hear. This site is a beautiful tribute to a little guy who must have been a marvelous child. I have the utmost respect for your family's decision to keep Spencer's legacy going, not only through this site, and through raising awareness about organ donation, but through your selfless gift to Jana. What a beautiful story.
You and yours continue to be in my daily thoughts and prayers.

By Melissa


2007-10-23 16:22:01 by Melissa 

Patrick, Anna and Ryan~

Our hearts continue to ache for you all~especially with the Holidays rapidly approaching. You are all amazing and the ways in which you are honoring Spencer are wonderful. What a legacy~Anna, as the mother of a child, close to Spencer's age, who has a brain tumor, I am both deeply touched and inspired by your courage. Thank you for sharing Spencer's life with us all.


By Tami Miller

Shidler, OK 74652
recepients friend
2007-10-22 13:22:22 by Tami Miller 

Dear Partick and Anna,
I am a friend of the recepient that Spencer's liver was donated to. From all the pictures and letters I have read
Spencer was truly a SPECIAL CHILD. I THANK YOU for
giving the GIFT OF LIFE to my friend. I can't even imagine what you all have been through, but your decision to donate Spencer's organs was truly a miracle
for my friend. If everything works out right she and I will be meeting you all very soon. May God Bless you all.
Tami Miller
Shidler, OK 74652

By Jennifer Flippo '90

Fort Worth Texas
Only a fellow Aggie
2007-10-22 05:41:06 by Jennifer Flippo '90 

Bless your family and your precious boy. Thank you for sharing Spencer with us who are strangers, but fellow Aggies. May his spirit be with you always and give you peace.

By Rachel Hutcheson

Fairfax, Oklahoma
he his a lifesaver
2007-10-21 10:54:27 by Rachel Hutcheson 

Thank you so much for your selfless act of kindness during what I cant even imagine,as I also am a mother. .I viewed your website and what an amazing child god gave you! I am a friend of the recepient of Spencers liver and There are no words that could ever really express how this liver changed so many of our lives. God bless you and your family.

By Alicia Hutchins

College Station, TX
Fellow Aggie
2007-10-17 10:25:43 by Alicia Hutchins 

My name is Alicia and my husband is Jason Hutchins, Director of Baseball Operations for Texas A&M. My husband helped run the baseball camps Spencer attended. I also worked with Margo's husband, Chris.

I wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing story of Spencer, his life and the new life he has given others through his organ donations. I have a seven year old son and four year old daughter - and reading Spencer's story and the beautiful tribute to his love of life and Christ - makes me stop daily and love my children just a little more than I did the day before.

You have faced the fear of every parent - losing a child. Although you have lost Spencer physically - spiritually he is with you every day. I read this site daily as a reminder of how quickly life can change and throw you in a different direction - and how God will always hold your hand through the difficult times and allow peace and comfort back into your life.

I will continue to hold you and your family as well as Spencer in my heart. And as the Aggies get ready to take the baseball field this spring, I am sure Spencer will have his glove and ball in hand and will be rooting on his Ags!

Gig 'em,
Alicia Hutchins '93

By William Swann

Rosarito Beach, Mexico
Grandpa's A&M Roomy
2007-10-15 13:03:03 by William Swann 

I am so glad that Pat & Patsy Kirksey made me aware of this website. I never met Spencer, but after reading the press release, watching the video and looking at all the pictures, I feel like I knew him. What a wonderful kid!! He was a bigger Aggie fan than many who went to school there. Gig 'em Spencer and God Bless You.

Bill Swann '56

By Sue Brownfield Olson

San Antonio
family friend
2007-10-14 17:55:04 by Sue Brownfield Olson 

Dear Squire Family--

I just found about our your precious Spencer & wanted to express our sympathies. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Spencer, but I can tell by that grin that he was something special. I always enjoyed receiving the darling Christmas cards & those boys' smiles always brought a smile to my face.

We will be praying for you & thinking of you as the holidays & Spencer's birthday approach.

We grieve, but we grieve with hope because we know where our loved ones are & that we will all be reunited one day.

God bless,
Todd, Sue & Nicholas

By Amanda Childress

College Station

2007-10-10 18:35:20 by Amanda Childress 

Hi guys! It's Coach Childress' wife and Margo's friend. I have been praying for you and keeping up with how you are doing through both Rob and Margo. I have not quit praying for you since the day I heard of Spencer's passing. I was privileged to be able to watch the News story about SS / So Special and just had to tell you that your faith, trust and total belief in the powers of Christ just jumped off the computer screen and into my heart. I know that Spencer's life has touched the lives of soooo many people but you have to know that YOUR lives are touching just as many. I know there are days that you feel weak and weary but it is so incredibly evident that you ARE strong and just WHO you gain your strength from. Thank you for the gift that is your willingness to share this time of trial with countless others so that we can all have a piece of Spencer AND Christ's love in our heart. I look forward to the day when I have the honor and privilege to meet you guys in person. You ALWAYS have 3 seats on the front row with me at Olsen. With Spencer looking down on the Aggies I bet it will be a whole different brand of Olsen Magic! All my love and prayers!
Amanda Childress

By Keri (O'Brien) Dezell

New York (formerly Mass)
Highschool Days
2007-10-10 09:23:05 by Keri (O'Brien) Dezell 

My prayers are with you and your family. I can't even begin to imagine your pain. May God's loving arms surround you and your family to help ease your pain.
My prayers are with you.

By Joe Sullivan

Cary N.C. (via Somerville Ma.)
Friend of Pat
2007-10-08 15:41:03 by Joe Sullivan 

A very classy tribute to Spencer.

By Jason Byrd

Plano, TX
former colleague
2007-10-08 09:39:02 by Jason Byrd 

Spencer continues to touch lives, doesn't he? We were watching the news last night and happened to see the incredible story on WFAA. You have such an amazing support network, but my wife and I will continue to pray for your family and your continued healing. There is no support like that of our heavenly Father.

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