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Organ Donor Update - April 2008

NEW Organ Donor Update as of 4.6.08

As many of you know, April is National Organ Donation Awareness month. As we were attending a Celebration of Life in Dallas on Sunday, April 6th, our case workers Meredith and Carol Anne shared some GREAT news with us that touched our heart.

Spencer has saved an additional four lives with his heart valves. This news made our hearts smile!

We knew Spencer's valves have been with the tissue bank since August but they just recently were transplanted.

We hope to find out more details soon. We are so thankful and blessed that he continues to help others - He is truly living on in the hearts of others...

We were thrilled to meet Jana when she flew into DFW on Thursday, November 8th. What a special day it was for us. Jana is a warm, loving, sweet person and is doing so well and looks so great and healthy! It was wonderful to spend the weekend with her and her family and friends who joined her from Oklahoma to be with all of us in Allen. The Plano East vs Allen Game tribute to Spencer and Jana and organ donation was beautiful. Seeing Jana's bright smile and warm heart (and liver!) brings us comfort and joy during the upcoming holiday season. Our circle is whole, full, and complete!

Circle of Life is Complete and Whole...

Today, Thursday, October 18, 2007, we received a beautifully written letter from Spencer's organ recipient, Jana. She also sent us a picture and to our amazement she is strawberry blonde and has blue eyes, like our Spencer! We are thrilled that she has shared her contact information with us. We spoke to her on the phone for 20 minutes. She loves sports and enjoys watching her youngest son play high school football. We laughed and said the "Jana - Anna" Connection! We look forward to meeting her and her family and friends in the near future. She is doing well and feeling good. She is so sweet, warm and friendly and so appreciative to tell us how grateful she is for Spencer's liver. We feel blessed and feel like God has given a perfect match as she is warm, loving, and kind. Please continue to include her in your thoughts and prayers.

We were blessed with a phone call this afternoon (Tuesday, August 28th) that informed us that Spencer is a successful organ donor. His liver was a perfect match to save a 45 year old woman's life. Due to being a very petite-sized woman, she was not a candidate for an adult sized liver. As children are at the top of the list to be organ recipients, she has been waiting a very long time for a child's size liver and match. She is doing well and will be back to her favorite hobbies. She has two sons and two grandchildren, one of is Spencer's age, and to know that she has an opportunity to watch them grow truly makes our heart smile. Please pray for her successful recovery. Through Spencer's gift of life, we are reminded of the power of organ donation. May Spencer's legacy of life and love continue to bloom in all of us.

Southwest Transplant Alliance


PLEASE register yourself officially and legally on this wonderful new resource and please share this with all of your friends/family and everyone in your email address book. If a person takes the time to sign up on the Texas registry, he is officially and legally a donor and nobody can overturn that decision. The organ donation agencies check the registry every time a potential donor is referred, and if the person is on the registry, we will not ask the family to consent, we will only ask the family for help with medical history.

Spencer's family encourages everyone to support
Organ Donor Awareness!
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