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Register as an Organ Donor

We have been touched by so many people who have shared with us that they have signed up to be an organ donor. We are appreciative and grateful and want to promote the awareness of organ donation. This truly came full circle for me last Friday, Nov 9th, when a precious girl and daughter of our school counselor, Carli Guest, asked me to be the "witness" as she signed her organ donor card the day after her 18th birthday. How touched I was to be part of her wonderful decision. I will always remember that! We are wanting to keep a record of who has signed up for organ donation.

IF YOU HAVE REGISTERED TO BE AN ORGAN DONOR, please email aksquire@tx.rr.com so we can add your name to the list here and so we can thank you!

To register officially in your state, please log on to www.donatelife.net and click on your state which will prompt you how to register. Or if in Texas you can sign up via www.donatelifetexas.org.