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This was the tribute to Spencer announced at the Berkner High School Game in Richardson on Friday, September 7, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen, if you could, please direct your attention to the 50 yard line where the Berkner Ram's Captains and members of the Coaching staff would like to make a presentation to a special family. Pat and Anna Squire are here tonight, along with their 3 year old son Ryan, and numerous family members and closest friends, to join the Berkner Ram Family in paying tribute to their son, Spencer Squire, who they lost tragically due to a brain tumor last month.

Spencer, only 6 at the time of his death lived his life to the fullest. Spencer loved sports, loved school, but most of all he loved his family and friends. And as you can see by the number of people gathered on the field, Spencer was loved by many as well.

Spencer spent the last days of his life doing what he loved doing, which was playing football with all of his friends at Berkner's Elementary Football camp. During football camp, all of Berkner's coaches had the privledge of working with Spencer and really getting to know this special child. Although an Allen resident, many of the coaches were already trying to talk Spencer into moving into the Berkner attendance zone, so that one day he could be a Ram. As football camp ended, and Spencer walked off the field in his #12 Berkner Ram jersey with a smile on his face from ear to ear, he quietly walked up to all of the coaches and thanked them for a great week of football camp. Little did anyone know that this would be the last time that Spencer would walk off a football field, because the next night the Lord suddenly took him from us. But, there is no doubt,that Spencer is up in Heaven right now with his Ram Jersey on, playing on God's football field.

Anna and Pat, the Berkner family would like to thank you for allowing us the privledge of getting to know Spencer and allowing him to spend his last days with us. Spencer has made a huge impact on all of our lives and he will never be forgotten.

At this time the Berkner Ram Captains would like to make a special presentation to Pat, Anna, and Ryan on behalf of the Berkner Family. Pat, Anna, and Ryan we would like to present to you, a #12 Berkner Ram Jersey with Spencer's name on it an official game ball and finally a Berkner Ram helmet that has a black memorial sticker on the back of it with Spencer's intials on it. This black memorial sticker with Spencer's initials on it will be worn by all of the Berkner Rams on the back of their helmets all season in honor of Spencer. Spencer not only has impacted the Berkner family, but most of District 9-5A as well. Four other high schools (Lake Highlands, Wylie, Plano East and Allen) will also be wearing the same black Spencer memorial stickers on the back of their helmets this season.

Fortunately, Spencer was able to donate some of his organs, and Pat and Anna would hope that this would promote the importance of organ donors. Also, a playground at Spencer's school is going to be built in his honor. Anyone that would like organ donation information or information on how to contribute to the playground in Spencer's name, please contact Dave Handal at Berkner HS.

Many who knew Spencer and his love for rainbows found this "pot of gold" on Saturday night, September 8th at the A&M football game -- Spencer's assurance that everything is ok!

The Chargers Football Team remember Spencer with a patch on their jersey. The patch is a maroon and white star, with a Texas A&M Aggie "Gig'em" thumb and his "SPS" initials. Thank you Chargers!

New friend and fellow Aggie, Steve Clary (right) raised $2500.00 for the Spencer Squire Gift to School project for funds for the Boon Elementary School playground. Steve, who heard about Spencer's story through the Aggie Network and texags.com, took it upon himself to put together a sports raffle for 50 yard-line tickets to the A&M vs Texas Game in November. Steve tracked all the entries and coordinated all the details to make this a success. We were able to meet Steve in September and tailgated with him at the A&M football game. Steve, you show the true spirit of the 12th Man by helping others and giving of yourself. Thank you!