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This tribute was at the Plano East vs Allen High School Football Game, Thursday Nov. 8th. The tribute attached is what was read during the evening. Thank you Plano East!


Ladies and gentlemen/ would you please direct your attention to the 50 yard line where the captains of tonight's Plano East Panthers/ and the Allen Eagles/ would like to make a presentation to a very special family.

Pat and Anna Squire are here tonight/ along with their 3 year old son Ryan and numerous family members and close friends/ to join their extended 'football families' in paying tribute to their son, Spencer Squire, who they lost tragically in August to a brain tumor. Let me tell you a little bit about Spencer...

At the tender age of 6 years old' Spencer got it! / Spencer Squire was a great little athlete/ smart, strong, fast, hard working, passionate, and always smiling/ every coach's dream! Sports were Spencer's gift and he was good/ really good.

Spencer used his talents to excel in every sport he played and he loved football, especially Texas A&M football!/ In fact, Spencer had just completed a football camp at Berkner High School the day before he was taken from us/ But being the best individual was not the most important thing to Spencer/ helping his teammates be the best they could be was!/ That's what we're here celebrating tonight'the many ways Spencer gave of himself.

It wasn't enough that Spencer could throw the longest pass or run the fastest, he got out there and showed his buddies how they could do the very same thing./ He encouraged them when they got down/ he laughed, joked, and shared valuable tips with his teammates to help them feel important and get better./ He got it! He knew that the team was only as strong as its weakest link / so Spencer did whatever he could to help his teammates be their best.

Spencer got it'he understood, at the age of 6 what most of us take a lifetime to understand/ like why there's no 'I' in 'Team'/ because one individual just can't do it all!/ Spencer truly understood what a difference it can make when individuals connect as a team and everyone works to their full potential.

Spencer's probably smiling down on us here tonight/ because he knows the value of helping others. For the first time, the recipient of Spencer's liver, Ms. Jana Cox of Fairfax, Oklahoma is here to meet the Squire Family to say thank you./ Jana is joined by Spencer's case managers from the Southwest Transplant Alliance, Carol Anne Gordam and Meredith Lohse (Lo-see), who are also here tonight to thank the Squires. Their hope is that we will all remember Spencer's gift and 'get it' by considering organ donation as a way to give your best to others. Spencer, the 'SS' on the district 9-5A helmets is for you!/ Thank you for being such a big part of our season and for your wonderful legacy to us all!

At this time on behalf of both teams, captains would like to present Pat, Anna and Ryan with game balls and helmets from each school in honor of Spencer and his impact on our teams.

At the end of the 1st quarter, cheerleaders and drill team members from both schools will be going through the stands to collect donations for Spencer's memorial fund.

Pat, Anna and Ryan thanks for sharing Spencer's legacy and message with district 9-5A!