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Plano East Hockey Tribute to SPENCER SQUIRE

Plano DPSC - 11/20/2007 Written by Christine Dykstra Read by George Wahler

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you could, please direct your attention to Center Ice where the Plano East Varsity Hockey Coaching Staff and Players would like to honor a very wonderful family this evening. With Thanksgiving as a time of reflection and giving thanks for our families, tonight's presentation has an extra special purpose and meaning.

Pat and Anna Squire are here tonight, along with their 3 year old son Ryan, and family and friends, to join the Plano East Family in paying tribute to their son, Spencer Squire, who they lost tragically to an undetected brain tumor this past August.

Spencer was only 6 years-old at the time of his death, but lived his life to the fullest. An avid athlete, Spencer spent the last days of his life doing what he loved best, which was playing sports 'especially football. One morning while at PSA, Spencer walked over to the ice rink and after watching the boys play, he told his dad, Pat that he wanted to play hockey. Little did anyone know that opportunity would never come because that was the very same day that sweet Spencer passed away.

Giving was a huge part of Spencer's nature and he continues his circle of life and giving through the donation of his tissue and organs. An Oklahoma mother of two sons, now has a new chance at life as the recipient of Spencer's liver. Pat and Anna are hopeful that Spencer's story will help to promote the awareness and importance of organ donations.

Inspired by Spencer's story, five area District 9-5A football teams including Plano East, Berkner, Lake Highlands, Wylie and Allen paid tribute to Spencer by wearing his initials on their helmets this season. In the spirit of sportsmanship, The Plano East Hockey Varsity and JV teams will also wear the SS initials on their helmets for the season to honor Spencer and to promote organ donor awareness.

At this time the team would like to make a special presentation to Pat, Anna, and Ryan on behalf of the Plano East Family. Pat, Anna, and Ryan we would like to present to you with a Number 12 Plano East Hockey Jersey with your family surname. We selected the Number 12 because that is Spencer's Favorite number ' representing the Aggies 12th Man. Spencer is surely smiling down upon us from heaven tonight as we welcome you to the PESH family and wish yours all the best this Thanksgiving. Thank you and GIG EM Spence!